April 2017

My health condition does not allow me to leave the house. I continue the medical treatment, and while trusting God, I await His help. The mission work is still my focus, and so in this situation, I meet with my collaborators at home to strategize together. I am glad to have dedicated collaborators, ready to be involved in all the aspects of the mission work, in churches, for as long as I am under medical treatment. For the church in Paclisa, the board members and I talked about next steps. For the churches in Valea Lupului and Barasti, the brothers in charge there came to talk about the church’s revitalization. For the Resurrection Celebration, with help from my son-in-law Vali, I was able to visit the churches to celebrate with them. Reconnecting with the brothers and sisters was joyous. While I was in the hospital in Hateg, I talked with various people from the Scripture, and answered lots of questions. They were calling me “our professor.” I keep all these people in prayer, and ask that God would give them the faith, repentance and salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. The brothers and sisters keep praying for my health. During this time, my experience with God became deeper and more personal. My faith has grown and was strengthened, and I live in dependence of God every day. I need massive prayer support.

Missionary Pastor, Ilie Mara