February 2017

I have gone through a unique health situation this month. My life was in danger, but through the grace of God I have come out well. I was in the hospital in Hateg for seven days after I lost consciousness and was taken to the emergency room. After all tests and treatments, no one could give a diagnosis of what had happened to me. I realized this was my opportunity to preach the Gospel to the sick. I have discovered that some of them had a life full of sin and were not willing to make it right. Some were saying that the believers should mind their own business, same as the nonbelievers. I got to talk with some of them about the Scriptures and about repentance of sins. I got closer to a man named Romica Turcu, almost entirely paralyzed, whose wife was by his side caring for him. I realized that he read the Bible and believed what he was reading. I visited him at home after being discharged, and encouraged him to believe in God and take the road of repentance. I believe with all my heart that God will save him and his wife. I included them in my Troubleshooting Project, and decided to stay connected to them through prayer and regular visits.

The last week of February I ended up in the hospital again, as emergency. Doctors have done investigations for a week; they did treatments with medication, then I was discharged without having found a cause of what was happening to me. However, I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with the sick, and decided that once I feel better I would continue this ministry, visiting the sick at home. Here are some people who received the Gospel with joy; some of them were part of the Orthodox Church and were part of the administration of that church: Ioan Beuca from Ohaba Sibisel, Herban Situ from Covragi, David Moisescu from Ostrov and Emil Birlea from Hateg.

God opened this great opportunity and realized that the hospital us one of the best locations for personal evangelism. I decided that I would visit it in the future to preach the Gospel. The churches prayed for me. I am asking you for prayer for me for healing and for the Word of God to be victorious in those who heard it. We continue to do this work in God’s power.