September 2017

We started a new Bible study called “Victory Through Faith” done every Sunday until the end of the year. The study serves to check and strengthen the faith of the believers, in the times when apostasy is evident. We continued the project called “Getting a Savior.” This is one of the most important projects which I took on with full responsibility. I visited a former colleague at the hospital in Hateg. He had very little chance to regain good health. His name is David Moisescu from the City of Hunedoara. He has been living alone since his wife died, and he frequently goes to Timisoara for treatment to unclog his veins. He is also on my permanent prayer list. I told him about the need for a Savior, in Jesus Christ, as well as the need for salvation thought he sacrifice on the cross. He told me that he believed the Gospel, but it was hard for him to act on it. I recommended that he pray to receive the faith and strength needed.

There is hope that he would have the true faith. The man was very surprised by my visit and was also very glad. I promised him to visit again.

Another two cases that have my attention are those of Lenuta Oprea and Maria Matei who were open to the Word of God, connected to the idea or project of getting a Savior. They visit the church; there is hope that they would make peace with God.

I also visited Romica Turcu at this house. This time, his health condition worsened. His wife, Elisabeta, turned him to face me. I realized he is close to leaving this world. He became conscious and asked me if, on the other side, there is anything. I explained to him that there is eternal life and that he can have it by believing in Jesus Christ. He cited the Bible a few times. One of the verses is from Mark 16:16 “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” I live with the hope that this man has sufficient faith to be saved. Before leaving, I asked him to pray with me, but he couldn’t. I then prayed for him, for his faith and salvation. This example shows me that there are so many people, ready to leave this world but without the hope of a Savior. My responsibility increases even more knowing this, in showing people how to get the Savior, of course, as long as they are alive. I continue to fight for this cause, and I pray for the salvation of many.