Ilie Mara - July Newsletter

We have had a blessed atmosphere at Valea Lupului, worshiping the Lord with the church in Baru Mare, on July 10th. It was a benefic collaboration of spiritual experience, remembering the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the Lord’s Supper.

Pastor Viorel Vitionescu has preached the Gospel, and shared his personal experiences.


 At Paclisa we continue the spiritual reform. Things are going slowly, but we need time and patience. The spiritual reform aims training the believers for eternity. I have seen that there are many people who are not sure of salvation. I visited the sick people, encouraging them. They have various illnesses, some of them are close to going Home. We also have some who have been excluded, and some are gone in foreign countries to work. We pray for them, for protection.

We pray for brother Ionel Purice, from the church in Valea Lupului, who is sick, and soon will pass away to the Lord.