News from September

We continue the work started in August. After pouring concrete, the wire fence panels were installed. This was tiring work, but great because it was successful. We also painted the fence by the street. The skilled laborers from church worked on this with me. We know winter is coming soon, so we want to finish all repairs on the building of the church in Paclisa. 

This month we held a baby dedication service. Darius and Laura Mihaiesc brought their firstborn son, Elias Daniel to be prayed over. For our church this was special event at which many people participated. The message that was preached was one of blessing as well as one of evangelism. Many who do not believe in God participated. After the service we had food together at the Sarmis Pension, a name that comes from Sarmisegetuza Regia, the former capital of the Romanian Dacia region. During the service, the praise and worship was led by the music groups from the Pentecostal churches from Totesti and Ohaba Sibisel. We also had a band led by Lusu Racataianu, sing and play during the food fellowship. 

For the rest of the activities, we pray to the Lord for support.

Missionary Pastor Ilie Mara