Ilie Mara - August Newsletter

Part of the project called“Depanarea”, we started the outside repairs, fixing the fence by the street and building a round the property at the Filadelfia Baptist Church in Paclisa. The total cost according to the documentation for this work is over 22,000 RON. With the great financial efforts from church giving, donations and other sources, we gathered 9,000 RON. This is what we have now but we still need the rest of the money to be able to finish this project. We are waiting for help, donations, sponsorships from all those who wish to help us. We have volunteers from among our believers and among some people who sympathize with the church. We paid for the machinery to dig and pour cement. Putting in the foundation, the fence pillars and cementing over the ground floor along with similar tasks were completed. We also got the fence panels and all necessary parts to put the fence together. Shoveling, carrying water and removing the stones and gravel for the foundation of the fence was tiring, but God helped us so far, and we hope that we finish this project soon. While we were working there, a funeral procession was taking place on the street. All people participating looked at us as we were working. Even the priests were intensely paying attention to what we were doing. Some even stopped to look. For us this was a good sign.

At the Filadelfia Church I officiated a special baby dedication service. A family composed of a father who was excluded from the church and the mother who is asked for a baby dedication for their son named Rafael David Viziteu. I officiated this service gladly, hoping that the father would come back to church and hoping that the mother would become a believer and would get baptized. God can make miracles with these people. Their act was a good testimony and a great site for the people ofPaclisa. Spiritually, we continue the reform. I personally prepare continually to be able to face the present challenges. The process, in all churches yields fruit. Please support us in prayer, and financially as much as possible. We thank God for His help and involvement.