Spero Design - Reusable Food Wraps


Spero Designs is making small steps all the time.  The Lord has put on the heart of different dear brothers and sisters to support this ministry and help us on the journey of helping women in our community provide for their families.

This month we have finalised the production of "reusable food wraps" and sent our first shipment to Amazon.

 In 2016 when Diana, a friend from America first told me about the reusable bees wax food wrap i never thought that we will end up making it. It took two more years until the idea seemed a good prospect for a business that could provide income opportunities for women in our community.

  When the Lord sent Tudor and Daniela to move and help with the ministry, I felt that now we can start working on it. So we started with finding a name, design the fabric, design the packaging, choose the colors make the recipe find the most effective production techniques and finally send the first shipment to Amazon.

 We are still learning in order to perfect them even more but so far we had positive feed back and many people bought them. 

 As you can imagine selling on Amazon is a pretty big step to take as it is  a very unknown territory that requires study and growth. We feel challenged, small and frail but we know that we serve a Great God and He has plans for us to bless us and He cares and loves the people.

This is an evangelistic ministry that shares God's love in a practical and tangible way. Women learn to trust us more when we say : God loves you!

Please join us in prayer and take a minute right now and pray for this ministry, pray for us that we will have wisdom and see all that we need to do in order to sell more and help provide income opportunities to women. Please pray that the Lord will touch more people to join us and support this ministry. 

Thank you so much

Florina Darvell - PIEI Missionary