My God is so Big and so Strong and so Mighty

This time we are in Icoana with the children from Draganesti and Icoana together. They faithfully finished a series of Bible lessons that were meant to help them understand a bit more clearly that God is near, involved and you can actually know God, experience God, trust God and build a relationship with God. 

After testing their knowledge with questions we played and had fun, had hot dogs for lunch and deserts.  It was a beautiful day together where children could make new friends something that it seemed to be not so easy at the beginning of the games. I was so happy to see them conquering the shyness and being nice and friendly to each other even if they didnt know each other.

“My God is so Big and so Strong and so mighty" is a very known song but the new version that we learned this time it just made our day and went viral for few days after this day. 

You might enjoy it too! this is the link:

Please take a minute and pray for the salvation of the children in Draganesti and Icoana that all the knowledge about God will not go over them but actually change their life and have a authentic relationship with God.

Thank you very much.

Florina Darvell - PIEI Missionary