Day Trips


Summer is quickly approaching and we are bit by bit preparing for the different events that we'll have for the children.

We plan to have a few day trips to visit museums not to far from us. Day trips are not just fun but it helps us grow more closer to each other and build long lasting relationships. 

We also plan for a summer day camp. This time will be in three villages Icoana, Comani and Maldaieni. We will be taking children from other children groups to be part of the camp. We estimate over 100 children in total that will hear the Gospel again. We will be working with other friends from USA and Canada that come to visit us. 

Please take a minute and pray for us that the Lord will guide us trough all the preparations provide for all that we need  and that the children will have a memorable life changing experience.

In the picture is Florina, Dorothy and Veronica planning for the summer time.

Thank you very much

Florina Darvell - PIEI Missionary