Important to know your calling

In 2005 after praying I chose to study International business, I didn't understand at that time how this will benefit the mission work but I trusted the Lord. In 2015 when the Lord provided our mistry with a location - Nehemiah House-Nehemiah 2:18, I was in OWE thinking: Lord what are you going to do? Wen I look back to how the Lord has provided so many times for Spero Designs ladies I am amazed of His wonderful and practical care and I know that He has a plan to prosper this ministry. 

I often remember the time when God called and directed me into ministry. These and many other very important moments in the Spero Designs history helps me move on and continue to believe in times of discouragement. 

Please pray for me that the Lord will refresh the vision He gave me of 5000 people reached trough this ministry and that the Lord will show me the next step.

Florina Darvell - PIEI Missionary