Kindergarten Visit

Dear partners, brothers and sisters in Christ Thank you for taking the time to read our news, to pray and think of us. The work that you do trough all your support is the other wing that helps us “fly”. We thank the Lord for you and we also pray that God will continue to keep you faithful, strong and healthy in your mind, spirit and body.

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The shoe boxes reached the children at the kindergarten in Coteana only in January as it was school vacation by the time we got the gifts. Lots of joy and curiosity to find out what will each find within the beautifully wrapped up gift shoe box. Told them the story of
"birth of the earth”

- Creation and sang songs about Creation. We had a good time. So happy for the invitation that I received from the teachers to go again and tell the children more stories from the Bible. My next visit will be in February. Prayers are much appreciated for the next visits, that God in His mercy will help them receive the knowledge of Jesus and salvation and for me that God will use me.

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One of the house visits to Dicuta was a long one this time as she had many questions about God and Bible. She was excited hearing all about forgiveness and becoming a child of God and she was excited about praying and asking God to make her his child. Sadly after this visit for different reasons we have not met her again. We know that her faith is challenged in many ways, family, neighbors, orthodox church, but God is gracious and very patient with people. Please pray for Dicuta and her faith in Jesus that will be one that overcomes the world.

Prayer points:

- Dicuta to have strong faith in Jesus
- kindergarten children and teachers in Coteana to understand and receive Jesus
- Ladies at SperoDesigns to receive Jesus and continue to have work so they can provide for their families

- financial donations for a big tent for events and summer camps.
- winter tires for the bus

Mark and Florina