Never been here before

maldaieni 2.jpg

At our latest PIEI meeting, there was a brother who serves the Lord in a village called Maldaieni, about 34 km from Draganesti-olt. He briefly shared about the work that he does in this village, together with his wife and their 6 children and how much they need support in kids ministry and Evangelism.  So myself and DOrothy went to visit this place once and on Christmas Eve we went again to help them with doing an evangelistic program for the children and give out shoe boxes gifts

We plan to go again every month for a while and help with kids ministry, street evangelism and home visits. We are also thinking and praying about doing a summer camp in this place. You will be hearing some more about Maldaieni.

Prayers are very much appreciated.

Florina and Mark Darvell