Kids groups together, lots of fun and joy

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It is always more encouraging for children when they get together, play, share things, get to know other children, make new friends and why not show off what they have learned:)

For eight weeks four groups of children from four mission locations gone through a series of Bible lessons with the title " What does Jesus want the children to know about Him". At the end of the eight lessons all the children who took part in the regular wickly programs they could participate at a special event organised for them. There was a question time with questions from the lessons that they have learned, and each group had to present songs, memory verse and the identity of their group.

Myself and Dorothy were most impressed with each group how well they presented their songs and knowledge from the Bible lessons.

Some people donated money and we were able to have lunch together and offer them a little prize for the participation.

Well done to the missionaries for such a dedicated care and good participation from mission locations Beciu, Icoana, Draganesti and Coteana. We are looking forward to the next event in march or April, when hopefully we will have more groups joining in.

Thank you for the part that you are taking in the ministry of evangelising and discipling children

Florina Darvell co-coordinator of children ministry

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24250 from the donation form.