Christmas Gifts


Chirstmas means gifts because Jesus is THE gift.. Many children this year have received shoe box gift again. It was a wonderful surprise that a new Church from England joined in and sent gift boxes, this way we had plenty gifts for other children that were not in our plan. We gave gifts to the after school program from Draganeasti-olt, and completed the needed boxes for the ministry in Beciu, also visited some poor children at home.

In Coteana many children as usual came to receive a gift and they also once again heard about the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ.

There was also a sad instance. The kindergarten in Coteana where we were able to give gifts and tell the story of Jesus for few years in a raw, this time the night before the phoned to say that they are not allowed to receive gifts anymore. I was very sad for this news. Still many children came to the church location and received a box and heard the message.

Our prayers is that God will show them favor and will come to know Him sooner rather than later. 

Florina and Mark Darvell