Ministry Updates

David and Ruben are now both, pupils! What big boys! They are excited about school but probably what’s the most fun for them is the "School bus"! They will do anything to get ready in time so they don't miss it :)) Please continue to keep out family in your prayers, it means a lot to us! Thank you very much.

Exciting New: Matthew 9:37. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

Thank you Lord for answering a prayer that we prayed and constantly carry it in our hearts since 2014, when Spero Designs was established.

Thank you for touching Tudor and Daniela's hearts to move here and work along side us in order to expand the business, create more jobs, bless more families all these pointing towards a Good, Good Heavenly Father


Hazel, a friend from England sew our need of selling more products in order to be able to keep women employed, and she took a step forward to offer to sell our merchandise on our behalf. That is exactly what we were praying for.

Thank you Lord for Hazel! We pray that there will be other people willing to support Spero Designs in this way.

We are most grateful that the Lord blessed our workshop with not just one but two NEW sewing machines.

Having good sewing machines it is very important in order to make good clothes in good time and not many repairs as it often happens with old machines.

Thank you Lord for people who support this ministry.

"Let the children come to me" Jesus said! One way of stopping the children is by not teaching them about Jesus and the Word of God.

With the kids groups we are now going trough a series of lessons/ stories called : What does Jesus want the children to know about Him?

We kindly ask for your prayer support so that the children may come to know about Jesus in order to get to know Him personally.

Let's bring the children to Jesus! At the end of this series we plan to hold a special event for those who faithfully attended the meetings.

There will be special praises for those who memories bible verses and plenty of fun and surprises for everyone! Thank you for your support in prayers.

Florina Darvell


Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24250 from the donation form.