Updates from January

But thanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere.

Mark, myself, David and Ruben are fine, praise the Lord !


Kids ministry : By the end of month January we have managed to finish learning the main characteristics about the Gospels and also memories Scriptures that talk about the main theme of the Gospels and also memories the books of the New Testament. We had a contest at the end of learning the Gospels, kids had a lot of fun and were happy to share things that they have learned. 

I have made some home visits to different children that come to our kids program with the purpose of building strongerrelationships with their parents and the kids. I always pray for them and try to read few verses from the Bible. Please pray that we can organize a day out to Bucuresti for the kids. This helps with building stronger relationships between them.

Descipleship: Laura and Iulia are happily coming to church and take part in the youth programs every week. They love learning more from the Bible. Laura shared with me that she prayed for her mom to start reading the Bible and her mom actually did. This was a great joy for me to hear and for Laura to experience such answers to prayer.
Please pray for Laura, Iulia Alina and Marinela to grow in knowing the Lord and follow Him

Women: I have visited women from the village that come to church regularly but have not yet decided to follow Jesus. We have read from the Bible and prayed together and share stories and build up relationships.

Comunity projects: The project of teaching women handmade and looking for avenues to sell the products this is a blessing for the comunity. It is a tangible way of sharing the love of Christ in their daily and most basic needs. It helps with their self esteem and with their need of work. Especialy Sonia who is daily exposed to Christian living and principals, I pray that she will soon open her heart to Jesus. She was very hard at first but I can see how bit by bit her heart is getting softer. Please pray for Sonia to come to Jesus and for her family and for this project to move on and be a blessing for 5000 people.  Also for people to come along this project.

We appreciate your support in every way. Grace and blessings.