News from December

Thank you very much for the part that you take
to God's work in this part of the world, to be
exact in Coteana and Draganesti.
The work continues in Coteana building up the
new church by visiting people encouraging them
to continue in their desire to come to know the
Lord. Mark is taking turns in preaching and goes
to visit people and to do street Evangelism and
also giving the support to the new pastor in
It was rather sad in one of our visits to one of
the ladies, to hear how many health problems
and family problems she has and how nobody in
the family is there willing to give her support.
Please pray for Mrs Mimi, she is about 53 years
of age and in great need of help physically and
of salvation.
It was a great joy to give out Christmas shoe
boxes to children at kindergarten and Church in
Coteana. We gave out just over 100 boxes,
thanks to brothers and sisters in England.
Four different families received wood for the
winder thanks to a family in Usa. These families
were very grateful. This is a tangible way to
show to people that you care and prepares
there heart for hearing what you have to say
about Jesus.
There are 6 girls that i have a closer relationship
and disciple them for Christ. Two of the girls,
Laura and Iulia they come to the program
regularly and recently they expressed their
desire to get baptized. This is very encouraging.
While other two girls decided to stop coming to
church. Please pray for Aura and Ionela. The
other two Marinela and Alina come to church
programs regularly but so far ar not too hot or
not too cold, just warm in their desire to know
the Lord. We would greatly appreciate your
prayers for this 6 girls to steadfast follow Jesus.

prayer points
- a day out for the children in Coteana
- salvation for the children and their parents
- believers in the church to grow in their faith
-summer camp, to raise the needed funds