October 2017


October was a month of transition for children ministry from outside to inside. All summer long we met in the park with the children, but as the weather is getting cooler we moved inside. Moving inside though it has its disadvantages as many of the children do not come to the regular programs inside because of prejudice from parents or other children. Please pray for the children's that the Lord will help them overcome barriers and come to regular programs and eventually to salvation.

Every Wednesday made house visits to people that come to church regularly but have not yet gave their life to God. It is relationship and trust building. They see that we care for them, that we are there for them and we love them. 

Please pray that they will decide to give theier life to the Lord.

At Spero Designs Romania ( "A fishing road rather than a fish", program) by God's grace we have employed one more lady, another family is blessed by providing income.

We are praising the Lord for all the sales this month. Please pray for an increase sales in order to bless families in the south of Romania. If you would like to see the work that they do please visit https://www.etsy.com/shop/SperoDesignsRomania.