November 2017

Thank you very much for reading our news and praying for us. We wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. We thank the Lord that once again have a bus that is ready to use for the ministry. Thank you to those that supported us in all this process. In the kids ministry we tried out different attractive ways to tell the story to the children and have fellowship as well. We have used the computer to show the children stories acted out by other children about kindness, friendship, talents. Kids love leaning by seeing that there are other children in the world doing the same things that God wants us to do. We have also played different board games, prepared together simple recipes of cakes and salads, a way of learning and relationship Mis Gena one of the friends that come regular to church and we visit regularly, needs prayer as she is in a lot of distress as one of her daughters want to divorce her husband. In Romania, Divorce is still a big tragedies and is not accepted as a solution by many people. Iin the Fishing road program as the Spero Designs Workshop - we rejoiced very much to have met the target for the month of Nov and learned new things. They also hear the Gospel in different ways. We need support in prayer for their salvation and for being able to meet their income targets for the following months and help more women.