Time together

A day out in Slatina with a group of girls from Coteana. We enjoyed just chatting, walking in the park taking pictures, eating together and laughing- just being together and having fun ( Stefi, Bianca, Alexandra, Georgiana) and Oana a old friend and disciple of mine. 

My heart's prayer is that they will come to know the Lord as their personal Lord and Saviour. Please join me in this prayer.  

Please pray that these girls will come to know the Lord.

Florina Darvell - PIEI Missionary

Important to know your calling

In 2005 after praying I chose to study International business, I didn't understand at that time how this will benefit the mission work but I trusted the Lord. In 2015 when the Lord provided our mistry with a location - Nehemiah House-Nehemiah 2:18, I was in OWE thinking: Lord what are you going to do? Wen I look back to how the Lord has provided so many times for Spero Designs ladies I am amazed of His wonderful and practical care and I know that He has a plan to prosper this ministry. 

I often remember the time when God called and directed me into ministry. These and many other very important moments in the Spero Designs history helps me move on and continue to believe in times of discouragement. 

Please pray for me that the Lord will refresh the vision He gave me of 5000 people reached trough this ministry and that the Lord will show me the next step.

Florina Darvell - PIEI Missionary

It costs to say "YES"

When I go shopping for Spero Designs about 90 % of the time the sellers will tell me their best price for the products but when I am about to pay and I ask for a receipt then I get the real price. If I want a receipt then I have to pay 20% extra for the VAT. It is normal to pay for the VAT but when you are given the low price at first and facing the choice of paying less versus paying more it makes you think..Do you want the receipt still? YES! 

I always feel victorious thinking that I pay the real price for Jesus and God knows every little detail.

Please pray for me that I will always have the courage to stand up for the right things in the name of Jesus.

Florina Darvell - PIEI Missionary

Write the word on your heart!

eu cu biblia.jpg

Last Sunday our family went to visit the church in Maldaieni and be part of the morning service. This church is led by a local believer and his family. They are only about 16 people in the church but passionate for the Lord. Our visit It was  not only  encouraging for them but for us as well. Hearing the 6 children of the family who serves in this mission point, reciting whole chapters memorized from the Scripture, it was so encouraging but also realised that we must be memorizing God's Word more. 

Florina Darvell - PIEI Missionary

When it seems impossible!

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-26 at 00.28.26.jpeg

At Spero Designs we are working on creating more jobs for mothers and other women in the community. At first It seemed impossible the idea of having a custom designed fabric for our “Organic reusable food wraps” but the Lord surprised us and answered prayers according to His Sovereignty. We now have our custom design organic fabric and very encouraged by God and God's people, are going to the next step marketing the product and see how it blesses other people.

After a vacation we have started the new year with enthusiasm and passion to serve people and children and take the Gospel to many more. Your prayers and our hands will work again together for Gods Kingdom in the South of Romania. Continue to remember us in your prayers: Mark, Florina David and Ruben.

Matthew 18:19 “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.

Darvell Family - Major dates for 2018

David is our blessing gift on, 9/11/2010- turned 8

Ruben is our Christmas gift, born on Christmas Eve 2011. - turned 7

Mark and I celebrated 10 years of marriage in Nov. 

Thank you Father for yet another year keeping us well in your loving arms. 

Thank you all for your loving support and staying with us all this time.

Mark, Florina, David and Ruben

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david and ruben.jpg

6th week and another year


We are now coming up to our 6th week of weekly Bible study in the workshop. Please pray that Sonia and Lucica will open their hearts and receive the Word for their salvation.


With many experiences of God's care and providence we have finished another year of providing work and employment for two women in our community. Many of you have been actively involved in this evangelism through business, by praying, donating and ordering from us.

 Thank you very much to everyone involved, please continue to stay alongside us, and by God's grace this coming year will extend employment to more people that are working with us but not yet on a daily basis, and more will come in contact with the Gospel in this way also.

We were pleasantly surprise to see few more people giving for Spero Designs project " Give once bless twice". This provide the women with work, and some needs people with donated items. Thank you everyone who gave. Pictures soon. See about the project here: Spero Design Video

Please check our latest product, it is very popular among people who love healthy, eco friendly sustainable solutions. Thank you to Randy and Debbie for their immense support in this project. Check it here: https://www.facebook.com/sperodesigns/videos/301254447173323/

Florina and Mark Darvell

Never been here before

maldaieni 2.jpg

At our latest PIEI meeting, there was a brother who serves the Lord in a village called Maldaieni, about 34 km from Draganesti-olt. He briefly shared about the work that he does in this village, together with his wife and their 6 children and how much they need support in kids ministry and Evangelism.  So myself and DOrothy went to visit this place once and on Christmas Eve we went again to help them with doing an evangelistic program for the children and give out shoe boxes gifts

We plan to go again every month for a while and help with kids ministry, street evangelism and home visits. We are also thinking and praying about doing a summer camp in this place. You will be hearing some more about Maldaieni.

Prayers are very much appreciated.

Florina and Mark Darvell

Christmas Gifts


Chirstmas means gifts because Jesus is THE gift.. Many children this year have received shoe box gift again. It was a wonderful surprise that a new Church from England joined in and sent gift boxes, this way we had plenty gifts for other children that were not in our plan. We gave gifts to the after school program from Draganeasti-olt, and completed the needed boxes for the ministry in Beciu, also visited some poor children at home.

In Coteana many children as usual came to receive a gift and they also once again heard about the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ.

There was also a sad instance. The kindergarten in Coteana where we were able to give gifts and tell the story of Jesus for few years in a raw, this time the night before the phoned to say that they are not allowed to receive gifts anymore. I was very sad for this news. Still many children came to the church location and received a box and heard the message.

Our prayers is that God will show them favor and will come to know Him sooner rather than later. 

Florina and Mark Darvell 

Kids groups together, lots of fun and joy

ch event.jpg

It is always more encouraging for children when they get together, play, share things, get to know other children, make new friends and why not show off what they have learned:)

For eight weeks four groups of children from four mission locations gone through a series of Bible lessons with the title " What does Jesus want the children to know about Him". At the end of the eight lessons all the children who took part in the regular wickly programs they could participate at a special event organised for them. There was a question time with questions from the lessons that they have learned, and each group had to present songs, memory verse and the identity of their group.

Myself and Dorothy were most impressed with each group how well they presented their songs and knowledge from the Bible lessons.

Some people donated money and we were able to have lunch together and offer them a little prize for the participation.

Well done to the missionaries for such a dedicated care and good participation from mission locations Beciu, Icoana, Draganesti and Coteana. We are looking forward to the next event in march or April, when hopefully we will have more groups joining in.

Thank you for the part that you are taking in the ministry of evangelising and discipling children

Florina Darvell co-coordinator of children ministry

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Christmas time is here


The seasonal children's event is near. There will be 4 different groups from 4 different ministry locations.

We had our last meeting for praying and making sure that all is ready for the children to have fun, get to know each other more, make new friends but most importantly get to know about the Lord.

Please join us in prayer for the salvation of the children in our ministry area.

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24250 from the donation form.

Ministry Updates

David and Ruben are now both, pupils! What big boys! They are excited about school but probably what’s the most fun for them is the "School bus"! They will do anything to get ready in time so they don't miss it :)) Please continue to keep out family in your prayers, it means a lot to us! Thank you very much.

Exciting New: Matthew 9:37. Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

Thank you Lord for answering a prayer that we prayed and constantly carry it in our hearts since 2014, when Spero Designs was established.

Thank you for touching Tudor and Daniela's hearts to move here and work along side us in order to expand the business, create more jobs, bless more families all these pointing towards a Good, Good Heavenly Father


Hazel, a friend from England sew our need of selling more products in order to be able to keep women employed, and she took a step forward to offer to sell our merchandise on our behalf. That is exactly what we were praying for.

Thank you Lord for Hazel! We pray that there will be other people willing to support Spero Designs in this way.

We are most grateful that the Lord blessed our workshop with not just one but two NEW sewing machines.

Having good sewing machines it is very important in order to make good clothes in good time and not many repairs as it often happens with old machines.

Thank you Lord for people who support this ministry.

"Let the children come to me" Jesus said! One way of stopping the children is by not teaching them about Jesus and the Word of God.

With the kids groups we are now going trough a series of lessons/ stories called : What does Jesus want the children to know about Him?

We kindly ask for your prayer support so that the children may come to know about Jesus in order to get to know Him personally.

Let's bring the children to Jesus! At the end of this series we plan to hold a special event for those who faithfully attended the meetings.

There will be special praises for those who memories bible verses and plenty of fun and surprises for everyone! Thank you for your support in prayers.

Florina Darvell


Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24250 from the donation form.

Preparing for Winter

Last winter didn't snow a lot and for us was a blessing because the ministry van we drive was not prepared for winter with snowy or icy roads, like it has been other winters.

This coming winter by God's grace will not be a problem anymore because the Lord kindly provided the financial support to buy new winter tires. Thank you Father, please bless the giver.

Florina Darvell


Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24250 from the donation form.

Spero Designs and a big step of faith


Often before a big blessing the Lord brings a situation where one must take a big step of faith.

I felt that the Lord was asking me to pay the women just as if there was enough work for the entire month (but there wasn't enough work that month lined up) it took courage to do that not knowing what will be instore in terms of having all the money for the tax and other expenses.

The Lord wanted me to walk by faith and not by sight. Soon after I obeyed the Lord, He brought over to Romania and to our Spero Designs shop, a couple, all the way from USA, Amy and Jim Paarlberg who blessed us with a beautiful order for 700 backpacks. What a joy and a blessing!

What a wonderful prayer answer and proof that our God loves the needy and He is always there to provide using His servants.

Florina Darvell

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24250 from the donation form.

Summer camp "Comparam vedete"

Children have learned that the "stars" are not only those who have lots of money or are very popular but also those who have a good heart and fear of God as Ester, David and others from the Bible

Even though we had a rainy week and the soil turned to mud this was not a barrier in having fun .

They have learned about different countries and about particular and cultural things having a chance to experience some of the particularities and learning few words in their language.

Learning about Africa and Nigeria

Making music with flute and xylophone

Starting every morning with review games, songs and Bible stories

Florina Darvell

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24250 from the donation form.

1st June - Kids Day

On the 1st of June in Romania we celebrate the Kids Day, for us this was an opportunity to take the children to another town to the park, have fun and build friendships. It was so good!! Praise the Lord for making this possible.

Coteana Mission Update

We read the story of Jesus's ascendance and the promise that He gave us that one day He will come back to take with Him all those that chose to follow Him.

Stefi one of the girls she was really excited at the news that Jesus will return, and she wants to be one of those that will see Him. Amen to that. Thank you for praying for the children in Coteana, for their salvation.


Encouragement for Bianca


Bianca is one of the girls that comes regularly to our children program.

At the Bible story about the difference between the choice of Peter and Judas, pointing out that Peter was ashemed, and denied Jesus,  I showed them pictures with a beggar, a prisoner and a king and I asked: "Who would you like to be seen on the street with"? Of course the answer was "with the King."

The truth is that Jesus was poor, was in prison but He was King. At the end of the program I said to Bianca that whenever she might feel ashamed of Jesus because other children loughs at her she should always remember that she walks with the King.

At these words I could see how Bianca straighten up her back, lifted up her head, put a large smile on her face picturing in her had that she walks with the King.

What a great honor to be children of God and walk with the King!!!!

Visiting Dicuta

Went to see Dicuta last week. The night before she was taken to emergency for the fifth time with a minor stroke, no apparent sings after the strokes, Praise God.

She lives together with her 88 year old mom, who can not hear or walk well any more. Dicuta made friend with a man that seemed to have good intentions but turned out that he is a thief. He often comes drunk at night to steal or bother them. This causes Dicuta a lot of fear and stress which leads to the strokes.The local police is week. Please pray that the Lord will protect Dicuta and her mom and cause this man to stop bothering them.

Thank you