News from September

By God's grace, we started a new school year at Emanuel kindergarten from Alba Iulia. This time with more peace in our hearts, because, after government control we had we received recognition as accredited educational institution. If until now we had only one operating permit (expired last year), we now have certainty that we can keep functioning the kindergarten.

The fact that we have a recognized status before the authorities, was seen even in enrolling children in kindergarten. This time we have more children than last year (53 children) and saw increased interest of parents to be involved in activities and programs proposed eariler. I am grateful to the Lord that He had helped us in getting accreditation for that, besides a series of documents, statements, evidence of sustainability (the folder contains more than 500 file!). And yes, there was a cost too... We had to pay a 2500 USD fee for this control! And only by the grace of God and the involvement of our partners we could cope financially this situation.

This year we have a new kindergarten teacher, Adela. She came to "stand in the gap" because Costel Oltean, our former colleague, educator in kindergarten resigned to engage in another educational institution. Adela is a student at the University Alba Iulia, teacher for primary and specialty already has adapted and is working very well with children.

Unfortunately we could no longer provide transportation to children, but parents have understood that we have disclaimers for this and they bring themselves their children to kindergarten. We have an ongoing series of investments to improve the quality for functioning and to meet legal operating requirements, but all these things we make with joy seeing how children grow and develop intellectually through our work at the kindergarten.

Thank you for your involvement in prayer and also financially. We pray that God may give you plenty of His goodness!