June 2017

One more school year is over. It ended well, thanks to God’s protection.

We are grateful to the Lord for all the situations we have overcome. It wasn’t an easy year, but through all of it, we saw how God worked. We saw Him again as Almighty God, the God who teaches us to forgive, to act by faith, the God who protects us, gives is strength and vision for a new beginning. This is our God who brings people together and gathers them for a wonderful children’s ministry. At the end-of-the-year celebration we had pastors from the churches who partner with us. Pastor Teofil Contrau encouraged the parents. Brother Cristian Marit from the Christian Center said a prayer of blessing for the children and their parents. Pastor Petrica Botar from the church in Recea, as a grandparent, talked about how wonderful it is to be a parent whose child talks about the Lord, to be thankful to God for those who have raised him and have given him a Christian education. Through such messages, the Word of God will work in the lives of the parents who do not know God, as He has done throughout time. Aside from the joy we had this year to participate at the baptism of one of the dads whose daughter is in Kindergarten, we also had the pleasure to hear the testimony of one of the moms whose child is at the same kindergarten. She had been baptized a year ago. Praise God for all the encouragement received through these people.

News from September

By God's grace, we started a new school year at Emanuel kindergarten from Alba Iulia. This time with more peace in our hearts, because, after government control we had we received recognition as accredited educational institution. If until now we had only one operating permit (expired last year), we now have certainty that we can keep functioning the kindergarten...