February 2017

 Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

We thank God for everything He does in our life. Meditating on this, we realize that each situation has a purpose, namely to glorify our Lord. Through the grace of the Lord, we continue the work we started with the churches in the pastoral group in Mihalt:

-       The women’s ministry at the elderly home in Ocna Mures

-       The mission in Gabud through the Nehemiah project

-       The Bible School at Bucerdea Granoasa

-       The mentoring and discipleship work in Mihalt

We do not know, nor understand the will of God in detail for the brothers and sisters in Ocna Mures, but God has called home another one of our brothers. I was writing last month about sister Lidiawho passed away at the age of 60. In the same town, brother Dorin at age 50 has just passed away. On one hand, such siuations help us show compassion for those who go through the pain of losing dear ones, and on the other hand, it makes us more responsible to prepare ourselves for the moment of our own passing.

In the midst of these difficult situations, we are glad to see the fruit of the Lord Jesus’ suffering. One of the elders from Ocna Mures started a study with three individuals, preparing them for baptism.

Through the grace of God, on Feb 19th we had a special event in our family. Emanuel, one of my wife’s brothers had a newborn son, Ezra. We attended the dedication service and shared in the joy with the family.

Prayer Needs:

-       For wisdom and divine guidance for me

-       For the grieving families in Ocna Mures

-       For the ministry in Gabud and the elderly home in Ocna Mures

-       For my family


With love in Christ,

Daniel C. Petrut