God loves people and out of love for them, He chose to send Jesus Christ to die for our sin.  Only through His sacrifice everyone who confesses his sin and returns from his evil way to God's way can be forgiven. With the love that God has poured in our hearts, we love the people in Comani and wish, just as God desires, that no one should perish but all come to repentance. We trust in the promises of God, which are true and living, in which He says that the seed sown is not in vain, but that a time will come when we will gather. We cherish every opportunity God gives to us to proclaim the Gospel to all the people in our community we interact with. It is God who creates bridges for us to connect with new people in Comani.

We recently met a new family. The husband had a stroke and one of their daughters is a drug addict. She lives somewhere in France and her parents know nothing about her for about 6 years. The other girl will go to high school this year. Their situation is sad. The name of these women is Maricica and I meet her when we went to take her a wheelchair for her husband. After that, we asked for permission to visit her the next day. To our surprise she accepted. We had an extraordinary time together. I told her that the only place where we find the Truth is in the Bible and that we should read the Bible to discover the truth. She looked me in the eyes and told me: 'I want a Bible'. Pray for this family, for the Lord to work in their hearts and give us the wisdom to show them the goodness of Christ, a kindness that urges everyone to repent.

We were encouraged by the way God worked. The Vesela family was blessed with materials to rebuild the roof of their modest house. We are thankful to those who got involved or who financially supported this project. God bless and reward them! The Jilavu family was blessed this month with food. They are part of the “Adopt a Family” project. The children were so happy when we went to visit them  and we were so glad to see the smile on their faces. May the Lord have mercy on them!

We also hosted a team of young people from the school "Life in Jesus", led by Mathias and Angelica Wagner. They are young people who came to practice on the mission field what they learn in the theoretical part of this school. They were a blessing to us because they helped us in the missionary work. We did home visits together, they made a program for the children, evangelized on the street and served in the church program.

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom in everything we do

  • Divine protection over our family

  • Goghyan family - a family who will join the Comani team for a year - financial support and a place to live

  • A minibus - to transport the teams that come to work for the Lord here in Comani.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support!

Alexe Costea - PIEI Missionary