Plans according to God's plan


In January and February we noticed a few aspects in our ministry:

We use to make plans in order to work in an organized environment, without chaos. However, the important thing is to bring our plans before God and to be open to the changes He may make. We must let ourselves be used so His will maybe fulfilled through us.

This is something that happened recently when a sister in Christ from a local church called me and expressed her desire to help a family in need from our village. We went at the store, bought a few things and we decided which family we will bless. The second day, while we were on the road, God changed my direction and told me to go to another family. There is a girl named Carina and they have big financial problems. Also, her parents are very sick but she is very good at school. I didn’t understand why but I listened God’s voice.

When I got there I understood why. It was Carina’s 9th birthday and for her was a day just like any other. When she saw me, joy overflowed. She couldn’t believe that I went there exactly on her birthday. I didn’t know that but God knew and He guided me there to bless her. We have a great God. Please pray for her and her family to see God as He really is.

When the power of God is manifested, we are overcome as servants. We are put in situations where the resources are nonexistent, but through all these problems we trust that we will see Him at work. Our strategy is to work with partners and God made things in such a way that one of my partners gave me full liberty to tell him about the moments of crises in our ministry. We experienced this a little while ago when a desperate family called me with the news that they need wood for fire. They had the hope that I could help them but, in that moment, the only possibility I had was to share my own wood with them. They refused and I was very concerned because I really wanted to help this family. When I started to pray, this partner popped in my mind and I called him. The following day, I could provide wood and also food to this family in need. The mother couldn’t stop thanking God for everything and also for the partner who helped them. So remember that when you get involved in a ministry,in any kind of way, you win more than one thing: you receive blessings for the Lord but also the prayers of those who were blessed by you. God bless everyone who is ready to listen His calling.

Also, the two families in the project “Adopt a family” experienced God’s blessing these months.Please keep praying for Vesela family and for Jilavu family so they can see God’s kindness and love towards them.

We also want to express our gratitude towards “Hope for Community” association through which we were able to bless many people with clothes and to “ProMission” Association which blessed many kids with cereals. May God repay every gesture of kindness.

Recently, we had a little project with the members of our church called “Love table”. In this time, we enjoyed the fellowship but also the food. We were very happy to have with us two people who gave upon church some time ago.A woman named Simona started to come again and Ionut expressed his desire to come back. His mother told us that he really misses the church and we are really happy to have him back. We never stopped praying for them and we never will until they are back on the Lord’s path. Please join us in prayer for Simona and Ionut.

Please pray for:

  • wisdom in all things;

  • protection over my family;

  • teams for evangelism;

  • the completion of the construction;

  • long-term missionaries;

God bless you!

Alexe Costea - PIEI Missionary