Serving God means serving people

This is the last month of the year 2018 and, while reflecting upon this year, we could see God’s blessings in every area of our lives. We had ups and downs in our walk with Him but He fulfilled His promises like always.  Jesus came into our lives to serve us and He is the ultimate example of how a servant must be. Serving God means serving people.

Because of the cold weather, we couldn’t find people on the streets so we went to their houses to tell them about Jesus.

Around 15 families were blessed with hearing the message of the Gospel through the carols of a youth group from Cluj led by Vlad Heuschi. We caroled a family where the man is blind and his wife takes care of him. I was very impressed by her faithfulness and her happiness for seeing us.  Please pray for them, their names are Costel and Leana. They need our prayers and they need God. This team also blessed around 150 kids with Christmas presents.

A group of brothers and sisters from Hope Church held multiple carol concerts in various mission points. One location was our village, Comani. My kids were in that group and they also went on the streets to invite people to the concert. We thought that people won’t come but God surprised us once again. Praises to God for everything!

We thank everyone for your support, for your prayers and for being part in our ministry here.

I pray that this year will bring fruits in our lives and in our ministry.

God bless you!

Alexe Costea - PIEI Missionary