Ministry Updates


It’s a joy to share with you what God’s been doing in Comani. Our goal is the same as the Lord Jesus’: to search for lost souls and tell them the Good News. This is what we seek: to share the Gospel with the adults, but with the children as well, through different means. 

During International Children’s Day we had a special occasion to share with the children how precious they are in the eyes of our God, but we also tried to show them another aspect of this matter: that is doesn’t matter what family they come from, whether they have designer clothes or whether they have small houses or no car etc.

These things don’t matter in the eyes of God who thinks they have great value and they all are very special to Him.


Brother Kevin Weppler preached from the word of God in the church in Comani and the congregation was so happy for his visit.
Guy and Cindy Medema’s family visited us from the USA and Kabelo and Claske from Nigeria. For 2 days we had VBS for the children lead by the women, while the men and I visited families, encouraging some to follow Jesus on the narrow road, sharing with others the Gospel, praying for them and their families. We thank God for these people who give their time to God with the desire to be useful in His work for His glory.

Together with a group of young people who attend the discipleship school ‚Life of Christ’ from Valcele, Hunedoara, lead by sister Angelica Wenger we had different evangelistic and othr meetings. We were happy to serve a widow who attends our services with hepling her clean her yard, which left a great impression on her. The Gospel can be witnessed through acts of kindness as well. So we had these evangelistic visits. We distributed tracts on the street, talked with people about God who seemed to be open towards His message and invited children to the meeting that was about to be taken place. Regarding this meeting: a poliveman, who was offended that his children were invited to this program, took the whole group in his own car to the police station. The group was made of 3 people, Danut was one of them, one of the pastors of Speranta Church from Draganesti, who came to help us with the evangelism. Nothing happened, once they arrived to the station their personal information was recorded and they were told to go home, since the bosses of this policeman were not enthused by their collegue’s gesture. The children’s evangelistic meeting followed after this and around 40 kids attended it. Praise the Lord! We had a blessed time: singing, doing skits, playing games and we had dinner together, which gave lots of joy to the kids. After the end of the service the youngsters went home singing on the streets and when they met people they invited them to the church meeting on Sunday morning. We were happy to see new faces in the church after all this and we give glory to God!

We made progress on the construction of the building. We insulated part of the building and we pray for God’s blessing of being able to finish this work. Please pray for this work without ceasing, we need God’s protection continually.
Please pray for our safety, for godly wisdom in our decision making and in our working with people, new people in the church, the testimony of children in whom we invest. We need more people to join us in this work in Comani – please pray for these people! We see more and more the need for a minivan in our work – please pray for God’s providence!

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for taking part of God’s work here. You are welcome any time to join us long of short-term. Maybe you would like to give some days to God to serve in this mission – we welcome it with joy! Come and tell people what God has done in your life!

May God bless you!

Costea Alexe