News from Comani

We thank you all who are praying for us and the work in Comani. We have asked you many times before to pray for people who would dedicate themselves to the Lord and join us in this work we are doing for the glory of God here in Comani. It is not as easy thing to do to give up a life in a great city or give up a well-paying job or to give up a well-organized apartment, and the list could go on, and to come and live through faith and humble yourself and live in absolute dependency on the Lord every day.


We had the blessing to have Rudi and Eva Goghian’s family as our guests from Sfantul Gheorghe. We happened to know them through some interesting circumstances, and for a week we had the opportunity to do lots together. 

They are a family who have a desire to serve the Lord wherever there’s a need, having a heart full of passion towards witnessing the gospel to those who know nothing about it. Brother Rudi plays the guitar and the organ which would be perfect for us. 

During the time they spent with us a desire was born in their hearts to be a part of what God is doing here, but they didn’t understand clearly if it was the will of God to move here or not, and we are praying together with them for this. Please pray that we as well as them would understand the will of God concerning this issue. We would want them to come, they would like that too, but we all want more than anything that the will of God will be done.

Another prayer request was that God would send us someone to coordinate the After School project that we want to start with the help of God in September. Cristina is a girl from Bacau who wants to come here for a year and during this year she wants to find out if this is the service that God wants to see her doing in the future. Please pray for her and for everything that she will be doing here.

Thank you for your interest in this work and may God bless you!

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