Christ is risen!


The Lord is great and His  love endures forever! This  month we rejoiced especially  for the Passover Celebration  during which we remembered  God’s love that He proved on  the cross, and the  resurrection of Lord Jesus. 

We had a dear brother from  Maine, USA with us as a guest  for two weeks this month. It  was and still is a great  encouragement for us to see  his heart full of passion and  a yearning to do awesome  things for the Lord. 

Through  his testimony and words the  Holy Spirit was encouraging  me in an extraordinary way in  some aspects of my life. 

We  are thankful to the Lord for  all of you who are investing  in us and our work here in  Comani.

On Passion Week we were  visited in the Hope Church of  Draganesti by a team from  Indiana, USA, led by brother  Cornel Stef. We had the  privilege to work for a day  with some of them, during  which time we did street  evangelism and home visits. 

It was a blessed time and we  could witness God’s guidance  in the lives of these people  through the discussions  during the home visits. We  ended the day with a women’s  meeting, led by Sister Mandi  Cornett – approximately 30  women attended this meeting.  Even in this matter we could  see God's divine intervention,  because this being Passion  Week we thought that the  women won’t be coming, but  Hallelujah! God is good! At  the end of the meeting a  woman who was sitting right  next to my wife, while she  was deep in thought on what  she was hearing, she  whispered to herself: “It’s  as if this woman (Mandi  Cornett) is describing my  life!” Please pray for Jeni ( That’s the woman’s name) that  she will decide to follow  Jesus. She was called and  convinced by God repeatedly,  but she hesitated in her  decision to follow God.


Another family, Nigel and  Glenda from the UK visited us  for a week, during which time  we visited lots of people in  their homes and did a  conference in the Comani  church. The theme of the  conference was: Be free, stay  free, live free. People could  find out lots of truths that  set their hearts free.

We followed PVT during which  time we opened our home for 5  brothers who stayed with us  and together with the  Speranta (Hope) Church of  Draganesti we served for 2  days in Craiova. The first  day we visited the  Penitentiary for Minors in  Craiova, and on the second  day we attended an  evangelistic meeting.   
We thank you for your support  in prayer and in other ways!  Don’t forget that you are a  part of what God is doing in  this community, and one day  you will receive your reward  from God’s hand for  everything you are doing for  us and for the work here in  Comani! 

I will share with you some  prayer requests. Please pray  for us continually!

  • For wisdom in everything I do.
  • For protection for my family.
  • We need more people to move  here in Comani who would work for the advancement of His  kingdom.
  • We need a minibus to transport people in.
  • We need to finish the insulation of the worship building.
  • For the women’s work – for  wisdom for my wife in how to  lead on God’s way the women  who are open to the Gospel.