8th March event / After-School Program

What a great thing it is to know you are in God’s will, in the place that He decided for you, doing the work He called you to do. He is the one who encourages us, who lifts us up, who hides us in the shadow of his wings. Blessed be the name of our Almighty God! Every day He renews our strength, and we pray that He would use us for His honor and glory in Comani.


This year on the occasion of March the 8 th we organized a closed event during which we wanted to encourage in a special way the women who regularly visit our church throughout the year. We discussed the basic need of men: to be respected, but also the basic need of women: to be loved.

They were positively surprised to learn new things that they didn’t think about before, and they went home with new teachings which they wanted to apply in the lives of their families.

The Devil attacked a lot the families around us, and because of this we were grasping for every occasion to bring the truth of God about families in their homes. A lot of people live in marriages as two strangers next to each other, having only conditional love, serving out of obligation, and these things are very painful.


Together with some young people from the USA we visited the people in their homes during which they shared their testimonies about how they became Christians, and they encouraged people to have a personal relationship with Jesus.


A lot of the people in our communities know some things about God, but the personal relationship with Him is missing entirely. We all need this relationship with Jesus. May God have mercy on them! I am sharing with you our need for a children’s worker. My wife, Veronica, is working with the children every Saturday using a program, but we see the need for an after-school program where the children would be helped with their homework. We also observed that some of them would need more than one (Bible?) program per week.

Please pray that God may provide our team with a children’s worker who would be a great help in the children’s work in Comani.

Thank you for being a part of this work in Comani! May God pay you back and bless you as well as your families!


Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom in everything I do
  • God’s protection over my family
  • The completion of the construction
  • A minibus for our work, which we would be able to use for transporting people to the Speranta (Hope) Church, for the Sunday afternoon service, for the women’s meetings, but also for the children’s work: we would organize different activities in addition to the regular programs at the church (going to the park, meeting with other children’s groups, excursions etc.).