Pastoral Visits

We praise the one who called us to share with people His Gospel. God gives us strength, He supports us day by day and gives us grace in everything.

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In the month of February I tried to make as many pastoral visits to the brothers and sisters as possible, encouraging them in their walk with God, but I also had the joy of visiting together with the brothers from church Mr. Paul, a member of our church.

I had a blessed time while I could witness God working in the hearts of some people through some of the things experienced in the past, but also the fact that sometimes we can understand someone’s situation better, if we had to go through the same thing in the past. 

Praise the Lord!

Mr. Paul is a widower, raising his 14 yearold son alone ever since he was 9,and he doesn’t even have electricity. 3 years ago brother Marin’s electricity was cut for two years and going through this hardship he could understand Mr. Paul’s hardship as well, but at the same time he could encourage him to trust in the Lord because only He can give joy and a thankful heart even when
one’s situation is a grave one.

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The same month we traveled with some brothers to the Banat region where we presented the need for new workers and the program of equipping the workers,the program is called E2E, which is led by Raul Costea through the PIEI organization.

Please pray for the children’s mission so that God would contionue to work in the hearts of the children, enlightening their minds so that they would recognize that they need Jesus. 

There are children from families where they don’t even mention God, but it is an extraordinary thing that the parents don’t forbid their children from coming to our programs and in this way they can hear the good news.

I will mention a prayer request concerning the situation of many families in our community. We know that the Devil wants to break up as many families as it’s possible, and unfortunately he could accomplish this with at least 3 families from around us. Please pray that these people may know the Lord, and that they would let Him lead their lives and also to reunite these families, a service that may give glory to His name.

Please pray also for:
- the protection of my family
-the salvation of the people
- that the bondages of the evil one may be broken and people set free
- the finishing touches to the construction, the sealing of the building
- a van in which we could transport people.

Thank you for your support and may God bless you and your walk with Him!