Making Plans with God for 2018

Blessed be the Lord!

The Lord is worthy to be praised for the faithfulness that He shown us during the last year. We are convinced that "God is the same yesterday, today and forever" and we believe that God will show His faithfulness this year too. We put our trust in Him for everything. We want to be like some tools in God’s hands, that He can use to fulfill His great plan on earth.

We started this year encouraged by the Word of God that says: "If my people, on whom my name is named, make themselves low and come to me in prayer, searching for me and turning from their evil ways; then I will give ear from heaven, overlooking their sin, and will give life again to their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

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At the beginning of this month, I and other missionaries had the chance to attend a conference organized by the Sumter . We went to Bucharest for a week and during that time we were thought to preach the Word of God. As part of my leadership, I also had a blessed time with the brothers from the GEM organization.

Studying Bible in a small group is very important for our church, so we continue to meet every Friday evening and let the Word of God change our hearts.

We also worship God as a family. Brother Marcel Cordos and his wife Angela, together with another brother from Alba Iulia, visited us this month. We had the grace of hosting them for 3 days. We spent a wonderful time together.

We wish that everything we do is immersed in prayer. That is why every morning, from Tuesday to Friday, from 9 to 10 am, we have a prayer time during which we praise God,  bring our requests to Him and put every day of our lives in His hands.

We pray for you, who stand behind our work, actively participating to everything we do. You are all very important on the mission field here in Comani. We are encouraged to know that there are people who pray for us and for the work we do in Comani.

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This is why we want to ask your support in praying for a very important matter. We want to refocus on the Gospel this year. We would like to make massive evangelism projects so that people get to know God as their Savior and understand that He has a plan for each of them. 


To make this possible, we would need people who want to put their time at God’s disposal and help us in this project, given the fact that we are operating in a community of about 4,000 people. I am convinced that there is a great potential in Christian churches to take part in this project. I also want to challenge you to put your time at God’s disposal and come to Oltenia this year to help us in preaching the Gospel to those who are not saved.

With God’s help, we want to organize an event for women on the 8th of March. We want to use this opportunity to present the Word of God. Please pray that God will change their hearts. Also, please pray God to provide all resources that we need in organizing this event.

Thank you for everything and may God bless you!