December 2017


"I will bless the Lord at all times;
    his praise shall continually be in my mouth."
We are at the end of 2017 and all we can say is " Praise the Lord!!" because He was so good and faithful to us throughout the year. We are thankful for all He has done in Comani throughout the year and it's a pleasure for us to be a part in His plan here, in this locality.
At the beginning of december, we were with three young people in Alba Iulia at a conference, which was organized by the church, Armonia. We were glad to see how people love God and also how He could "melt" people's heart.
This year was blessed by Him with the visit of our brethren in Christ from Atlanta. They were a team led by our brother in Christ, Lanny Loe. They visited the inhabitants from Comani to bring the Gospel and to led them to God. The inhabitants were blessed in a spiritual way and also with food.
This month, we hosted , with God's help, our brother in Christ, Michael Dailey. He was with two brethren in Christ; we were so blessed with them there.
A team of AIM was at the church Speranța in Drăgănești for a week. We were also blessed to work with some of them: we visited some families and we offered them "spiritual and material food".
We served with them in Craiova in church and also we visited with them the Penitentiary of Minors in Craiova giving the Gospel to the young people. At the end of the day we invited people at the church and we prayed for each one.
Same brothers in Christ from Cluj came to bring the "Good news", singing carols, to the inhabitants.
Approximately 18 families were blessed with "spiritual and material food": every house which was visited, received food. These families were so amazed by what they received.
It was so amazing and we are so happy and honored to work with such people from Romania every year. They've been serving us for more then three years now with their time and work in Oltenia, in Comani and so on.
December is the "month of gifts" for children. More than 100 children received gifts and also they had the opportunity to hear the Gospel.
God bless everyone who has been a part in it.
We ended the year 2017 in our church, enjoying the blessing of God with all the people who love Him.

We started 2018 trusting in His sovereignty and His faithfulness.
Blessed be the Lord!!