Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord


It is wonderful to see God working among us and touching human heart.

People who do not know God need to hear the Gospel and to be served and loved with deed. There are people in our community, that we’ve been serving for several years and finally we started to see God transforming their lives.

Some of them let God model and change them, but others remain the same as we first met them. Since God is not bound in time and space, we are not always able to understand that He knows the right moment to make human’s heart surrender to His love.

In early August we hosted a group from PVT and we served together in Craiova. We shared flyers for various Christian events and prayed. We also served at Bals and shared people free reading glasses. We had the opportunity to meet people facing various problems that we brought to God in prayers. A group of children from another mission point joined us to organize an event for children in the park.

We are thankful for all those who join our mission in Comani and for those who take care of the people in need. The church of Barcelona decided to serve the Lord by providing money to buy fire wood for some families we try to invest in. A widow told me that the joy she felt when she saw us caring fire woods for her is hard to imagine. Blessed be the Lord for He is the only one who can touch human’s heart. Due to them, 5 families where helped.

We also joined the “Let's Do It, Romania” project with the Word Race participants. This project regards the cleansing of the public space in our city. We started in Draganesti and continued in Comani. People were impressed although some of them thought that we were punished. Some people even offered to buy us juice in appreciation of what we do. We testified God to many people in Comani by telling them that we do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus who forgave our sins. We collected over 80 garbage bags.

God uses everything for the good of those who love Him. Many years ago, there was a very poor boy that used to come to our house to warm up in the winter. He did not have any family and he had a very harsh childhood. Now he is about 30 years old and he is watching me in almost everything I do. He expressed his desire to help people in need in our community. 15 families where provided with food and 10 families with fire woods.

Thank you all for remembering us in your prayers. We saw the result of your preying in the way God transformed people’s hearts.

Please pray that God will send missionaries to join the team in Comani. Also, pray for wisdom in working with people and for a minibus which would allow us to help people with the transport.

Costea Alexe