July 2017

Blessed be the Lord!

Our greatest desire is to see people committing to God. This month we proclaimed Christ's love in different ways among the people in Comani.

At the beginning I had the grace to work with a team from Texas lead by brother Keith Wiliamson and brother Tim Owens and over a period of 9 days we had different activities. We made home visits trying to encourage through the word of God those who are on God’s way, but also shared the Gospel to the people who didn’t know God. We had a special evening for women in which we shared our experiences with God in our personal life and preached from His word.


For five days we had a vacation Bible school with the children from the village and once again we had the opportunity to learn wonderful things about The One who created the whole universe. They were fascinated by the way lessons were presented but also by the other activities they had during the program. We shared the Gospel with people on the street and among young people by meeting them on the football field in our village. We played soccer together, but we also had the opportunity to tell them about our Savior, Jesus Christ. At the end, everyone received a soccer ball with the Gospel written on it.

It was a blessed time in which the people from Comani could hear again about the forgiveness they can receive through Christ. We thank God for brother Vlad and sister Alexandra and for their help. They served the Lord by helping with the translation.

We also made home visits with the help of a group of Swiss brothers who confessed to the glory of God how He changed their lives.

There was a team from Netherlands we enjoyed working with. They worshiped the Lord with us at the church service, and one day some of them visited people at their homes.

We glorify our Lord for the children camp in which my wife also served for 5 days. It was a tent camp involving about 45 children.

Thank you for all your support! May God bless you, and don’t forget that you are part of all that the Lord is working here in the Comani.

Please continue to pray for us that the Lord give us wisdom in working with people, for the physical and spiritual protection of our family, for the believers to live in holiness, completion of the church construction and people who commit to joining the team here.