June 2017

We praise our God for feeling His presence during last month in all that we have done. All that we did was possible only through His grace and immeasurable power.

We want to thank everyone who supported us this month, either by being here with us or through prayer.

We were glad to have among us a team from the AIM Organization in USA.

We had a blessed time together at the Sunday service. By God’s grace, we also managed to visit people that we invest in and that we hope to meet in the Kingdom of God. Through our visits, we wanted to spread the Gospel and encourage those that decided to follow God.

In Draganesti City Central Park took place an event dedicated to children. We also attended this event with some children from Comani. Around 30 children from Comani enjoyed this event together with around 100 children from other missionary points. The event was organized in collaboration with PVT (Parents Vision Trip). We were glad to host some people from this organization for 3 days. Together with people from PVT, we served God in Craiova for one day. We walked on city’s streets, telling people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the afternoon, we split into teams that spread on multiple streets to put the New Testament into people’s mailboxes.

During this month, we had the joy of having Guy Medema and his family among us for one week. Brother Guy served us by preaching the Word of God during the Sunday sermon. By God’s grace, we could also visit people at their homes. Together with the Medemas came a family from Nigeria, Kabelo and Clasca. We were glad to meet them and work together.

Brother Ilie Contiu came to serve in Comani for one day. We visited some of our brothers in the Church and other people that do not know God.


We want to thank everyone that supports the missionary work in Comani.

Thank you for your prayers, your help and for being part of God’s work in Comani.

Pray the Lord so that He touches people’s hearts, break devil’s chains and set people free for Him.

Pray for our family to live in complete dependency to God in every day of our lives. Pray for protection over us.

Pray for Alex, a 16 years old boy that started joining the Church. He seems quite interested.

Pray for the salvation of Maria and Carmen, Vali and Bebe, Mariana and Costel.

May God bless you all!

Thank you!