May 2017

Blessed be the Lord!It is only by His grace that we were found worthy to be His fellows in the mission field inComani. We all share God’s will, that none shall perish but have eternal life, through the salvation in Jesus Christ. We are grateful to God for sending us help in preaching the gospel. This month a team that works in partnership with Hard Cry came to help.

 The first day they preached the Gospel to people on the street and in the evening we organized an event for the same purpose. The next day they joined our Church and preached the Word of God.We were very glad, since we prayed and asked God for help in evangelism.Brother Marin has gone through a hard time. He is hypertensive and passed through a crisis. Finally, he got to the hospital. Now we want to glorify God for the way He worked in this situation. Brother Marin praises the Lord and says that God has given him another chance to live. Thank you to those who have prayed for him! We also enjoy every child who joins Sunday School. We ask you to pray the Lord to touch their hearts and the seed that is sown will grow.Once a month, we decided to organize an event for all children from all mission points.All children will meet and the Gospel will be proclaimed.People are opened to the idea of being visited at home. We take advantage of this and try to bring Christ's love to their families. We want to thank the Romanian family from the US who supports us in offering food for the visited families.At the end of May, we visited brother Florin Sfetcu, a missionary at Beciu, with the intention of recruiting him to the PIE organization.

We are thankful to all of our partners for your prayers and your support!