March 2017

The month of March in Romania is a special
month for women. We organized an special
event for women as church, on 8th March, to
celebrate the Mother's Day. We have had the
blessing to host 40 women and most of them
are not christian. They were exposed to the
Scripture, where I have seen interest for the
message. The message was about God's
promises. Please join us in prayer for these
women as they have heard the Word of God
and, the Holy Spirit to touch their mind and
Also, we had the privilege to give eyeglasses
to over 60 people from Comani. We worked
together with a team from America and few
members from "Hope" Church, that came to
help us in distributing the eyeglasses and
counseling people. Please pray for the people
that came to remember what they were told
about God, and to repent of their sins.
For one week we worked with an
international team from "OM" organization.
These ten young people were very organized,
and full of life. For five days they shared the
Gospel with the puppet and the kids were very
receptive and happy. The youth had special
meetings for them were the Word of God was
explained in according with their understanding.
They had such a great impact. . Besides this we
had visits at people's houses, street evangelism
and prayer walk.
With God's help we managed to raise some
money to help two families with their monthly
income. The two green houses will help them
live better and we hope they will see God's
We are happy to experience God's love in
a different way, because He is answering our
prayers. Vali Nistor is a woman that we invest in.
On 1 March her husband was released from
prison. Please pray for them! Because of the
distance that was between them, they go
through difficult time. Please continue to pray
for their salvation.
Wisdom in working with people.
More workers for God's Kingdom, in Comani.
To be guarded as family from the attacks of evil