April 2017

Christ is risen!

We started off the month of April by having brother Kendal from Main visiting us. We really enjoyed working together with him for two weeks. We thank the church for their support and we pray that God’s blessings will be upon them.

We celebrated together as a church the Resurrection of the Lord, whilst having thankful hearts for everything Lord Jesus did for us. First day after Easter Sunday, we had fellowship and dinner togetherwith our brothers and sisters from Draganesti.

During this time, we all rejoiced in the Lord and had a good time of fellowship and conversations, together with people that don't normally attend church.

We enjoyed having the brother from Houston (USA) visiting us and we had the grace of visiting and praying together for a family. We also are thankful for brother Kevin who encouraged the church to live by the gospel in our day to day lives.

The PIEI organisation, where I serve as a missionary, organised a conference in Alba Iulia with the theme ‘creationism versus evolutionism’, where both my wife and I attended. This was a blessed time where we learned much, having received teaching in a debate like manner.

By God’s grace, we were able to decorate the churchmeeting hall and finalise the stairs in front of the church, praise God!

Prayer points:

- For Vali and Bebe - a family with marriage problems;

- Marian and Carmen – a family that we’ve been investing in and we wish that they get to know God as their saviour;

- For labourers in the ministry in Comani;

- To be able to cover the church building with insulation;

- Protection for my family;

We thank you to all who support us and to all who carry us in your prayers. May you be blessed by the Almighty.