February 2017

Blessed be the Lord! In the month of February, through the grace of God, we
continued to share the gospel with the  lost people in Comani. We also helped
those in the church to grow spiritually.
We are still studying the gospel of John each week in our small group. Our desire
for those who attend is that they would better understand who God is and how
to apply biblical teachings in their daily life. Each Saturday we hold a children’s
program where we continue to plant the seeds of God’s truth in the hearts of the
kids. This month, our brother in Christ, Ilie Contiu, was with us and we were able
to visit the homes of people in our community to share the gospel and bring
encouragement. It was a blessed time and we hope and pray the Word of God
will work in their hearts.

Marcel Cardos and his wife from Alba Iulia were here to visit the missionaries with Hope Church. We were able to attend a conference organized by the church where we
focused on communication between parents and teenagers.
Two families from Comani attended the conference with us.

Thank you to everyone for your support.
Prayer requests:
 For God to set people free from the bondage of sin and darkness in their lives.
 Wisdom to work with people in the community.
 Salvation of the children.
 For the completion of construction.
 Salvation for the family Marian & Carmen.

May God bless you in the month to