October 2017

Blessed be the Lord for the power that He gives us every day in His work. It is His Grace who strengthens us when daily trials come upon us and when we are facing difficulties. This month we were blessed by feeling the presence of God when you are in His will.


      At the beginning of the month, God gave us the opportunity of hosting a team of brothers and sisters from England, led by brother Nigel Worth. Not only did I host them but we worked together to spread the Gospel among people here in Comani. We made home visits to the people who use to come to the church, but we had the chance to visit other families too, who do not normally come to the church.

 I was glad to see how God changed people's hearts in a way that impressed them to tears and many of them prayed. Please pray that God will break the chains which keep the people as slaves of the sin.

     We also organized a special event where people received reading glasses for free. We also used the time we had so that every person who entered the building had the opportunity to hear about the forgiveness of sins in the Name of Jesus Christ. We also had a meeting with the women and they were encouraged to surrender all to Jesus. We were impressed by the way God works. My wife invited around 12 women, but she prayed that God would make it possible for the women He wants to be there and listened to the Gospel to come. We were pleasantly surprised to see that more than 30 women took part in this beautiful event specially organized for them.

The children were not left aside. We also organized a special programs for them. According to their age they could hear about Jesus by listening to Bible stories, they played and they had various practical activities. Pray for them that the Lord change their hearts. Bring in front of God the need for an after-school program, a program we want to start but still can’t because we haven’t found a person who wants to be involved as a teacher in this project.

This month we celebrated the Thanksgiving Day and we were glad to praise God for the goodness He had shown to us this year.

Please pray for the Divine protection over my whole family, for the people to desire the presence of God in their lives and daily consecration for church members.

I realized that for a better and more efficient organization when we have big teams, we need a minibus. So pleas pray for this need together with us and we know that at the time decided by Him, it will be fulfilled.

 We thank you for your support and for your prayers! Thank you for being part of what is being done here in Comani! May God help us not to get tired of working for His Grace, each one of us in the way we are involved.

May God bless you!