November 2017


Glorified be the Lord for His great power that accompanied us this month in our missionary work. The Lord is the Only One who deserves the honor and the glory for everything we did here. We believe that it is essential to constantly study the Word of God in a small study group. Every Friday evening, we gather to let God teach us how to apply the Gospel’s truth that is preached each Sunday morning. At the beginning of this month, I attended a conference organized by the Baptist Community in Oltenia, together with my wife. Brother Viorel Iuga was invited to preach from God’s Word. We enjoyed the quality time we spend, the spiritual food we received as well as the fellowship with missionaries from different villages in Oltenia. We spent a great time with Brother Cornel Stef who visited us accompanied by two other brothers from America. I received many advices, both personal and professional for which I am very grateful to the Lord. We thank God for the people who support us and invest in us. With God's help I also served in the Juvenile Prison from Craiova. We used different methods to share the Gospel to the children and teenagers there. Please pray that the Lord raise up people to join us in His work. As you know, we would like to start that after school program as soon as possible but we still don’t have someone directly responsible for this project. Oltenia needs people who make themselves available to God! We thank God for your support in the mission in Comani, for your prayers and involvement in the fulfillment of our projects. People are blessed in different ways, which shows the goodness of God. This way people in our community were very thankful when they received clothes from of HOPE FOR COMUNITY Association. We are very thankful to the German that is part of ADOPT A FAMILY project. This project gives people the opportunity to help a needy family by supporting them financially (with food, scholastic materials etc.). Veselas is a family in our community which has been part of this project for approximately 4 years. We thank God for the faithfulness of this German family! A family in a neighbor village was very blessed to receive wood for fire. We are thankful to the brother who has sponsored this action. I was pleasantly surprised to see that after I called for church’s help to support this poor family, all those who attended the Sunday service went home and each of themhave prepared all sorts of food. I must mention that many of the people who helped are not even members of the church. Please continue to pray for us and thank you for standing beside us in everything we did this year!