September 2017

We praise God because this month He gave some wonderful experiences in His work here in Comani. We are confident that the church grows visibly by studying the Bible in small groups. Therefore, this month we began a small group where we meet all the people who want to know God better by studying the Bible. Let God work more and more in our hearts as a church and give us the desire to get closer to Him!

This month, a group of young people from Cluj responded to God’s call and came to Oltenia in Comani to serve God. There was a special program organized for the children. We also did home visits and the people were very happy to talk to us about God. On Sunday morning we worshiped Lord through prayers, singing and testimonies and brother Vlad preached the Gospel. Also, through this group God made it possible for the people to receive food and clothing. Glorified to be the Lord!

God calls us to proclaim the Gospel to people, and this month we served together with a group of brothers and sisters in Icoana. We walked the street and shared invitations to a church event where people talked about Jesus and received reading glasses in the name of the Lord.

We thank God for making it possible for a group of children to receive strollers and stationery at the beginning of the school year. 
This month we had a WR team with us. With God's help, we hold English lessons for the children in the village for an hour and a half every day.

We thank to those of you who are involved with us in the ministry work in Comani. Even if you are not physically here with us, you are still involved by carrying us in your prayers, and that is what makes you a part of what God works here in our village.

Please continue to pray for our family that the Lord will keep us safe and the church will grow both spiritually and numerically. Pray that God will send more missionaries, for us to be able to begin the thermic insulation of the church’s building and that God will send a teacher for the after school program we want to begin.

Blessed be the Lord! May God be with you in everything you do!