August 2017

Bless be the Lord for the grace that He showed us to be allowed to work for the enlargement of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In August we had the joy of having among us our brother Nelutu Bec. He shared with us the Gospel and he advised us to show our love to the people around us through our deeds.


 This month we had PVT. We hosted three families and there was a program established by the Draganesti church. One day we had the opportunity to do home visits, and we tried to present the Salvation trough Christ regardless of the problems people faced. We also had a lunch together during which we shared wonderful things that God has done for us, the way He called us to serve Him in Oltenia, but also projects we are involved in. Another day we served in Craiova where there was a street evangelization organized. Every American family was accompanied by a novel who helped with the translation. We shared New Testaments with every family on a certain area and we also talked to them about Christ. Brother Michael Daily has been with us for two days and we have enjoyed spending time together.
Please pray for the people attending the Coman church and especially for Vali, the woman whose husband was in jail. God help her not to make hasty decisions about her marriage, a marriage that doesn’t seem to work well at that moment. Pray for her husband, Bebe, to be saved by God. We are convinced that things will change altogether if he comes to knows the Lord. Pray for us as a family that the Lord help us live our life depending on Him every day. We would like to be a light among the people in Comani and have wisdom in relationships with people. Also may God protect our family.

We thank those of you who are involved in the work in Comani and those who carry us in your

daily prayers.   

Be blessed by the Lord!