News from October

We thank God for HIs faithfulness that He shows
us everyday. The month of October was a
month of thanksgiving. We thank God for our
cell group, as you already know, every Friday
evening we meet to study the scriptures. We
started to study from the gospel of John and we
are amazed how many beautiful things we can
learn from it. We continue our children ministry.
My wife Veronica leads this club and we are
very happy to see a good number of kids
attending every week. What we have noticed is
that as the kids have grown into young teens,
they are not as interested in the activities we do
in the club such as coloring. We want to invest
in another way and we need wisdom for this, so
please pray for us. One Sunday we had a
Thanksgiving celebration and we invited people
to attend.
We were glad to see that new people
responded to our invitation.
I preached the Word of God and encouraged
the people to have thankful hearts and to see
that indeed God has blessed us.
As you know, we have the Fishing Rod project.
We have seen the success in the program this
month and another family received a calf.
Thank you for your prayers and your support.
Prayer Requests:
- Wisdom to work with the people
- The salvation of the children
- To finish the construction of the church
building (we need to install parquet flooring)
- The ministry with the teens
- The salvation of Vali, Mariana, and Corina