News from November

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
God is faithful all the time and we are
happy to be in His hands. We feel blessed
and honored to serve our God.
This time of year it is cold outside so we
cannot do street evangelism. So instead,
we do home visits and share the Gospel
within homes and families.

Pray for those we are visiting. Pray for our
words to impact their lives and for them to
understand and receive Jesus Christ in their
hearts. Every Friday night we meet to study the
Gospel of John with church members and
I continue to disciple Marin and Ionut and to
help them to grow in their relationship with
Pray for them to be bold for Christ
We also continue to work in the Fishing Rod
project and we praise God for how it is growing.
Recently two families have received
We are preparing for the Christmas season. Pray
for all the activities we will do and for the Holy
Spirit to open the minds and hearts of people,
especially children and their parents. Pray that
they would receive God’s love.
We also ask prayers for the following:
- the people of Comani to repent
- wisdom to work with the people
- to finish the construction of the church
- the salvation of the children and their