Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord


It is wonderful to see God working among us and touching human heart.

People who do not know God need to hear the Gospel and to be served and loved with deed. There are people in our community, that we’ve been serving for several years and finally we started to see God transforming their lives.

Some of them let God model and change them, but others remain the same as we first met them. Since God is not bound in time and space, we are not always able to understand that He knows the right moment to make human’s heart surrender to His love.

In early August we hosted a group from PVT and we served together in Craiova. We shared flyers for various Christian events and prayed. We also served at Bals and shared people free reading glasses. We had the opportunity to meet people facing various problems that we brought to God in prayers. A group of children from another mission point joined us to organize an event for children in the park.

We are thankful for all those who join our mission in Comani and for those who take care of the people in need. The church of Barcelona decided to serve the Lord by providing money to buy fire wood for some families we try to invest in. A widow told me that the joy she felt when she saw us caring fire woods for her is hard to imagine. Blessed be the Lord for He is the only one who can touch human’s heart. Due to them, 5 families where helped.

We also joined the “Let's Do It, Romania” project with the Word Race participants. This project regards the cleansing of the public space in our city. We started in Draganesti and continued in Comani. People were impressed although some of them thought that we were punished. Some people even offered to buy us juice in appreciation of what we do. We testified God to many people in Comani by telling them that we do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus who forgave our sins. We collected over 80 garbage bags.

God uses everything for the good of those who love Him. Many years ago, there was a very poor boy that used to come to our house to warm up in the winter. He did not have any family and he had a very harsh childhood. Now he is about 30 years old and he is watching me in almost everything I do. He expressed his desire to help people in need in our community. 15 families where provided with food and 10 families with fire woods.

Thank you all for remembering us in your prayers. We saw the result of your preying in the way God transformed people’s hearts.

Please pray that God will send missionaries to join the team in Comani. Also, pray for wisdom in working with people and for a minibus which would allow us to help people with the transport.

Costea Alexe

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Ministry Updates


It’s a joy to share with you what God’s been doing in Comani. Our goal is the same as the Lord Jesus’: to search for lost souls and tell them the Good News. This is what we seek: to share the Gospel with the adults, but with the children as well, through different means. 

During International Children’s Day we had a special occasion to share with the children how precious they are in the eyes of our God, but we also tried to show them another aspect of this matter: that is doesn’t matter what family they come from, whether they have designer clothes or whether they have small houses or no car etc.

These things don’t matter in the eyes of God who thinks they have great value and they all are very special to Him.


Brother Kevin Weppler preached from the word of God in the church in Comani and the congregation was so happy for his visit.
Guy and Cindy Medema’s family visited us from the USA and Kabelo and Claske from Nigeria. For 2 days we had VBS for the children lead by the women, while the men and I visited families, encouraging some to follow Jesus on the narrow road, sharing with others the Gospel, praying for them and their families. We thank God for these people who give their time to God with the desire to be useful in His work for His glory.

Together with a group of young people who attend the discipleship school ‚Life of Christ’ from Valcele, Hunedoara, lead by sister Angelica Wenger we had different evangelistic and othr meetings. We were happy to serve a widow who attends our services with hepling her clean her yard, which left a great impression on her. The Gospel can be witnessed through acts of kindness as well. So we had these evangelistic visits. We distributed tracts on the street, talked with people about God who seemed to be open towards His message and invited children to the meeting that was about to be taken place. Regarding this meeting: a poliveman, who was offended that his children were invited to this program, took the whole group in his own car to the police station. The group was made of 3 people, Danut was one of them, one of the pastors of Speranta Church from Draganesti, who came to help us with the evangelism. Nothing happened, once they arrived to the station their personal information was recorded and they were told to go home, since the bosses of this policeman were not enthused by their collegue’s gesture. The children’s evangelistic meeting followed after this and around 40 kids attended it. Praise the Lord! We had a blessed time: singing, doing skits, playing games and we had dinner together, which gave lots of joy to the kids. After the end of the service the youngsters went home singing on the streets and when they met people they invited them to the church meeting on Sunday morning. We were happy to see new faces in the church after all this and we give glory to God!

We made progress on the construction of the building. We insulated part of the building and we pray for God’s blessing of being able to finish this work. Please pray for this work without ceasing, we need God’s protection continually.
Please pray for our safety, for godly wisdom in our decision making and in our working with people, new people in the church, the testimony of children in whom we invest. We need more people to join us in this work in Comani – please pray for these people! We see more and more the need for a minivan in our work – please pray for God’s providence!

Thank you for your prayers, thank you for taking part of God’s work here. You are welcome any time to join us long of short-term. Maybe you would like to give some days to God to serve in this mission – we welcome it with joy! Come and tell people what God has done in your life!

May God bless you!

Costea Alexe

Important: Select Fund: ROMANIA MINISTRIES, Sub Fund: 24210 from the donation form

News from Comani

We thank you all who are praying for us and the work in Comani. We have asked you many times before to pray for people who would dedicate themselves to the Lord and join us in this work we are doing for the glory of God here in Comani. It is not as easy thing to do to give up a life in a great city or give up a well-paying job or to give up a well-organized apartment, and the list could go on, and to come and live through faith and humble yourself and live in absolute dependency on the Lord every day.


We had the blessing to have Rudi and Eva Goghian’s family as our guests from Sfantul Gheorghe. We happened to know them through some interesting circumstances, and for a week we had the opportunity to do lots together. 

They are a family who have a desire to serve the Lord wherever there’s a need, having a heart full of passion towards witnessing the gospel to those who know nothing about it. Brother Rudi plays the guitar and the organ which would be perfect for us. 

During the time they spent with us a desire was born in their hearts to be a part of what God is doing here, but they didn’t understand clearly if it was the will of God to move here or not, and we are praying together with them for this. Please pray that we as well as them would understand the will of God concerning this issue. We would want them to come, they would like that too, but we all want more than anything that the will of God will be done.

Another prayer request was that God would send us someone to coordinate the After School project that we want to start with the help of God in September. Cristina is a girl from Bacau who wants to come here for a year and during this year she wants to find out if this is the service that God wants to see her doing in the future. Please pray for her and for everything that she will be doing here.

Thank you for your interest in this work and may God bless you!

Cristina este faca cu rochia in dungi.jpg

Christ is risen!


The Lord is great and His  love endures forever! This  month we rejoiced especially  for the Passover Celebration  during which we remembered  God’s love that He proved on  the cross, and the  resurrection of Lord Jesus. 

We had a dear brother from  Maine, USA with us as a guest  for two weeks this month. It  was and still is a great  encouragement for us to see  his heart full of passion and  a yearning to do awesome  things for the Lord. 

Through  his testimony and words the  Holy Spirit was encouraging  me in an extraordinary way in  some aspects of my life. 

We  are thankful to the Lord for  all of you who are investing  in us and our work here in  Comani.

On Passion Week we were  visited in the Hope Church of  Draganesti by a team from  Indiana, USA, led by brother  Cornel Stef. We had the  privilege to work for a day  with some of them, during  which time we did street  evangelism and home visits. 

It was a blessed time and we  could witness God’s guidance  in the lives of these people  through the discussions  during the home visits. We  ended the day with a women’s  meeting, led by Sister Mandi  Cornett – approximately 30  women attended this meeting.  Even in this matter we could  see God's divine intervention,  because this being Passion  Week we thought that the  women won’t be coming, but  Hallelujah! God is good! At  the end of the meeting a  woman who was sitting right  next to my wife, while she  was deep in thought on what  she was hearing, she  whispered to herself: “It’s  as if this woman (Mandi  Cornett) is describing my  life!” Please pray for Jeni ( That’s the woman’s name) that  she will decide to follow  Jesus. She was called and  convinced by God repeatedly,  but she hesitated in her  decision to follow God.


Another family, Nigel and  Glenda from the UK visited us  for a week, during which time  we visited lots of people in  their homes and did a  conference in the Comani  church. The theme of the  conference was: Be free, stay  free, live free. People could  find out lots of truths that  set their hearts free.

We followed PVT during which  time we opened our home for 5  brothers who stayed with us  and together with the  Speranta (Hope) Church of  Draganesti we served for 2  days in Craiova. The first  day we visited the  Penitentiary for Minors in  Craiova, and on the second  day we attended an  evangelistic meeting.   
We thank you for your support  in prayer and in other ways!  Don’t forget that you are a  part of what God is doing in  this community, and one day  you will receive your reward  from God’s hand for  everything you are doing for  us and for the work here in  Comani! 

I will share with you some  prayer requests. Please pray  for us continually!

  • For wisdom in everything I do.
  • For protection for my family.
  • We need more people to move  here in Comani who would work for the advancement of His  kingdom.
  • We need a minibus to transport people in.
  • We need to finish the insulation of the worship building.
  • For the women’s work – for  wisdom for my wife in how to  lead on God’s way the women  who are open to the Gospel.

8th March event / After-School Program

What a great thing it is to know you are in God’s will, in the place that He decided for you, doing the work He called you to do. He is the one who encourages us, who lifts us up, who hides us in the shadow of his wings. Blessed be the name of our Almighty God! Every day He renews our strength, and we pray that He would use us for His honor and glory in Comani.


This year on the occasion of March the 8 th we organized a closed event during which we wanted to encourage in a special way the women who regularly visit our church throughout the year. We discussed the basic need of men: to be respected, but also the basic need of women: to be loved.

They were positively surprised to learn new things that they didn’t think about before, and they went home with new teachings which they wanted to apply in the lives of their families.

The Devil attacked a lot the families around us, and because of this we were grasping for every occasion to bring the truth of God about families in their homes. A lot of people live in marriages as two strangers next to each other, having only conditional love, serving out of obligation, and these things are very painful.


Together with some young people from the USA we visited the people in their homes during which they shared their testimonies about how they became Christians, and they encouraged people to have a personal relationship with Jesus.


A lot of the people in our communities know some things about God, but the personal relationship with Him is missing entirely. We all need this relationship with Jesus. May God have mercy on them! I am sharing with you our need for a children’s worker. My wife, Veronica, is working with the children every Saturday using a program, but we see the need for an after-school program where the children would be helped with their homework. We also observed that some of them would need more than one (Bible?) program per week.

Please pray that God may provide our team with a children’s worker who would be a great help in the children’s work in Comani.

Thank you for being a part of this work in Comani! May God pay you back and bless you as well as your families!


Prayer Requests:

  • Wisdom in everything I do
  • God’s protection over my family
  • The completion of the construction
  • A minibus for our work, which we would be able to use for transporting people to the Speranta (Hope) Church, for the Sunday afternoon service, for the women’s meetings, but also for the children’s work: we would organize different activities in addition to the regular programs at the church (going to the park, meeting with other children’s groups, excursions etc.).

Pastoral Visits

We praise the one who called us to share with people His Gospel. God gives us strength, He supports us day by day and gives us grace in everything.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 22.37.33.png

In the month of February I tried to make as many pastoral visits to the brothers and sisters as possible, encouraging them in their walk with God, but I also had the joy of visiting together with the brothers from church Mr. Paul, a member of our church.

I had a blessed time while I could witness God working in the hearts of some people through some of the things experienced in the past, but also the fact that sometimes we can understand someone’s situation better, if we had to go through the same thing in the past. 

Praise the Lord!

Mr. Paul is a widower, raising his 14 yearold son alone ever since he was 9,and he doesn’t even have electricity. 3 years ago brother Marin’s electricity was cut for two years and going through this hardship he could understand Mr. Paul’s hardship as well, but at the same time he could encourage him to trust in the Lord because only He can give joy and a thankful heart even when
one’s situation is a grave one.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 22.41.09.png

The same month we traveled with some brothers to the Banat region where we presented the need for new workers and the program of equipping the workers,the program is called E2E, which is led by Raul Costea through the PIEI organization.

Please pray for the children’s mission so that God would contionue to work in the hearts of the children, enlightening their minds so that they would recognize that they need Jesus. 

There are children from families where they don’t even mention God, but it is an extraordinary thing that the parents don’t forbid their children from coming to our programs and in this way they can hear the good news.

I will mention a prayer request concerning the situation of many families in our community. We know that the Devil wants to break up as many families as it’s possible, and unfortunately he could accomplish this with at least 3 families from around us. Please pray that these people may know the Lord, and that they would let Him lead their lives and also to reunite these families, a service that may give glory to His name.

Please pray also for:
- the protection of my family
-the salvation of the people
- that the bondages of the evil one may be broken and people set free
- the finishing touches to the construction, the sealing of the building
- a van in which we could transport people.

Thank you for your support and may God bless you and your walk with Him!

Making Plans with God for 2018

Blessed be the Lord!

The Lord is worthy to be praised for the faithfulness that He shown us during the last year. We are convinced that "God is the same yesterday, today and forever" and we believe that God will show His faithfulness this year too. We put our trust in Him for everything. We want to be like some tools in God’s hands, that He can use to fulfill His great plan on earth.

We started this year encouraged by the Word of God that says: "If my people, on whom my name is named, make themselves low and come to me in prayer, searching for me and turning from their evil ways; then I will give ear from heaven, overlooking their sin, and will give life again to their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 17.56.07.png

At the beginning of this month, I and other missionaries had the chance to attend a conference organized by the Sumter . We went to Bucharest for a week and during that time we were thought to preach the Word of God. As part of my leadership, I also had a blessed time with the brothers from the GEM organization.

Studying Bible in a small group is very important for our church, so we continue to meet every Friday evening and let the Word of God change our hearts.

We also worship God as a family. Brother Marcel Cordos and his wife Angela, together with another brother from Alba Iulia, visited us this month. We had the grace of hosting them for 3 days. We spent a wonderful time together.

We wish that everything we do is immersed in prayer. That is why every morning, from Tuesday to Friday, from 9 to 10 am, we have a prayer time during which we praise God,  bring our requests to Him and put every day of our lives in His hands.

We pray for you, who stand behind our work, actively participating to everything we do. You are all very important on the mission field here in Comani. We are encouraged to know that there are people who pray for us and for the work we do in Comani.

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 18.02.11.png

This is why we want to ask your support in praying for a very important matter. We want to refocus on the Gospel this year. We would like to make massive evangelism projects so that people get to know God as their Savior and understand that He has a plan for each of them. 


To make this possible, we would need people who want to put their time at God’s disposal and help us in this project, given the fact that we are operating in a community of about 4,000 people. I am convinced that there is a great potential in Christian churches to take part in this project. I also want to challenge you to put your time at God’s disposal and come to Oltenia this year to help us in preaching the Gospel to those who are not saved.

With God’s help, we want to organize an event for women on the 8th of March. We want to use this opportunity to present the Word of God. Please pray that God will change their hearts. Also, please pray God to provide all resources that we need in organizing this event.

Thank you for everything and may God bless you!

December 2017


"I will bless the Lord at all times;
    his praise shall continually be in my mouth."
We are at the end of 2017 and all we can say is " Praise the Lord!!" because He was so good and faithful to us throughout the year. We are thankful for all He has done in Comani throughout the year and it's a pleasure for us to be a part in His plan here, in this locality.
At the beginning of december, we were with three young people in Alba Iulia at a conference, which was organized by the church, Armonia. We were glad to see how people love God and also how He could "melt" people's heart.
This year was blessed by Him with the visit of our brethren in Christ from Atlanta. They were a team led by our brother in Christ, Lanny Loe. They visited the inhabitants from Comani to bring the Gospel and to led them to God. The inhabitants were blessed in a spiritual way and also with food.
This month, we hosted , with God's help, our brother in Christ, Michael Dailey. He was with two brethren in Christ; we were so blessed with them there.
A team of AIM was at the church Speranța in Drăgănești for a week. We were also blessed to work with some of them: we visited some families and we offered them "spiritual and material food".
We served with them in Craiova in church and also we visited with them the Penitentiary of Minors in Craiova giving the Gospel to the young people. At the end of the day we invited people at the church and we prayed for each one.
Same brothers in Christ from Cluj came to bring the "Good news", singing carols, to the inhabitants.
Approximately 18 families were blessed with "spiritual and material food": every house which was visited, received food. These families were so amazed by what they received.
It was so amazing and we are so happy and honored to work with such people from Romania every year. They've been serving us for more then three years now with their time and work in Oltenia, in Comani and so on.
December is the "month of gifts" for children. More than 100 children received gifts and also they had the opportunity to hear the Gospel.
God bless everyone who has been a part in it.
We ended the year 2017 in our church, enjoying the blessing of God with all the people who love Him.

We started 2018 trusting in His sovereignty and His faithfulness.
Blessed be the Lord!! 


November 2017


Glorified be the Lord for His great power that accompanied us this month in our missionary work. The Lord is the Only One who deserves the honor and the glory for everything we did here. We believe that it is essential to constantly study the Word of God in a small study group. Every Friday evening, we gather to let God teach us how to apply the Gospel’s truth that is preached each Sunday morning. At the beginning of this month, I attended a conference organized by the Baptist Community in Oltenia, together with my wife. Brother Viorel Iuga was invited to preach from God’s Word. We enjoyed the quality time we spend, the spiritual food we received as well as the fellowship with missionaries from different villages in Oltenia. We spent a great time with Brother Cornel Stef who visited us accompanied by two other brothers from America. I received many advices, both personal and professional for which I am very grateful to the Lord. We thank God for the people who support us and invest in us. With God's help I also served in the Juvenile Prison from Craiova. We used different methods to share the Gospel to the children and teenagers there. Please pray that the Lord raise up people to join us in His work. As you know, we would like to start that after school program as soon as possible but we still don’t have someone directly responsible for this project. Oltenia needs people who make themselves available to God! We thank God for your support in the mission in Comani, for your prayers and involvement in the fulfillment of our projects. People are blessed in different ways, which shows the goodness of God. This way people in our community were very thankful when they received clothes from of HOPE FOR COMUNITY Association. We are very thankful to the German that is part of ADOPT A FAMILY project. This project gives people the opportunity to help a needy family by supporting them financially (with food, scholastic materials etc.). Veselas is a family in our community which has been part of this project for approximately 4 years. We thank God for the faithfulness of this German family! A family in a neighbor village was very blessed to receive wood for fire. We are thankful to the brother who has sponsored this action. I was pleasantly surprised to see that after I called for church’s help to support this poor family, all those who attended the Sunday service went home and each of themhave prepared all sorts of food. I must mention that many of the people who helped are not even members of the church. Please continue to pray for us and thank you for standing beside us in everything we did this year!


October 2017

Blessed be the Lord for the power that He gives us every day in His work. It is His Grace who strengthens us when daily trials come upon us and when we are facing difficulties. This month we were blessed by feeling the presence of God when you are in His will.


      At the beginning of the month, God gave us the opportunity of hosting a team of brothers and sisters from England, led by brother Nigel Worth. Not only did I host them but we worked together to spread the Gospel among people here in Comani. We made home visits to the people who use to come to the church, but we had the chance to visit other families too, who do not normally come to the church.

 I was glad to see how God changed people's hearts in a way that impressed them to tears and many of them prayed. Please pray that God will break the chains which keep the people as slaves of the sin.

     We also organized a special event where people received reading glasses for free. We also used the time we had so that every person who entered the building had the opportunity to hear about the forgiveness of sins in the Name of Jesus Christ. We also had a meeting with the women and they were encouraged to surrender all to Jesus. We were impressed by the way God works. My wife invited around 12 women, but she prayed that God would make it possible for the women He wants to be there and listened to the Gospel to come. We were pleasantly surprised to see that more than 30 women took part in this beautiful event specially organized for them.

The children were not left aside. We also organized a special programs for them. According to their age they could hear about Jesus by listening to Bible stories, they played and they had various practical activities. Pray for them that the Lord change their hearts. Bring in front of God the need for an after-school program, a program we want to start but still can’t because we haven’t found a person who wants to be involved as a teacher in this project.

This month we celebrated the Thanksgiving Day and we were glad to praise God for the goodness He had shown to us this year.

Please pray for the Divine protection over my whole family, for the people to desire the presence of God in their lives and daily consecration for church members.

I realized that for a better and more efficient organization when we have big teams, we need a minibus. So pleas pray for this need together with us and we know that at the time decided by Him, it will be fulfilled.

 We thank you for your support and for your prayers! Thank you for being part of what is being done here in Comani! May God help us not to get tired of working for His Grace, each one of us in the way we are involved.

May God bless you!


September 2017

We praise God because this month He gave some wonderful experiences in His work here in Comani. We are confident that the church grows visibly by studying the Bible in small groups. Therefore, this month we began a small group where we meet all the people who want to know God better by studying the Bible. Let God work more and more in our hearts as a church and give us the desire to get closer to Him!

This month, a group of young people from Cluj responded to God’s call and came to Oltenia in Comani to serve God. There was a special program organized for the children. We also did home visits and the people were very happy to talk to us about God. On Sunday morning we worshiped Lord through prayers, singing and testimonies and brother Vlad preached the Gospel. Also, through this group God made it possible for the people to receive food and clothing. Glorified to be the Lord!

God calls us to proclaim the Gospel to people, and this month we served together with a group of brothers and sisters in Icoana. We walked the street and shared invitations to a church event where people talked about Jesus and received reading glasses in the name of the Lord.

We thank God for making it possible for a group of children to receive strollers and stationery at the beginning of the school year. 
This month we had a WR team with us. With God's help, we hold English lessons for the children in the village for an hour and a half every day.

We thank to those of you who are involved with us in the ministry work in Comani. Even if you are not physically here with us, you are still involved by carrying us in your prayers, and that is what makes you a part of what God works here in our village.

Please continue to pray for our family that the Lord will keep us safe and the church will grow both spiritually and numerically. Pray that God will send more missionaries, for us to be able to begin the thermic insulation of the church’s building and that God will send a teacher for the after school program we want to begin.

Blessed be the Lord! May God be with you in everything you do!

August 2017

Bless be the Lord for the grace that He showed us to be allowed to work for the enlargement of the Kingdom of Heaven.

In August we had the joy of having among us our brother Nelutu Bec. He shared with us the Gospel and he advised us to show our love to the people around us through our deeds.


 This month we had PVT. We hosted three families and there was a program established by the Draganesti church. One day we had the opportunity to do home visits, and we tried to present the Salvation trough Christ regardless of the problems people faced. We also had a lunch together during which we shared wonderful things that God has done for us, the way He called us to serve Him in Oltenia, but also projects we are involved in. Another day we served in Craiova where there was a street evangelization organized. Every American family was accompanied by a novel who helped with the translation. We shared New Testaments with every family on a certain area and we also talked to them about Christ. Brother Michael Daily has been with us for two days and we have enjoyed spending time together.
Please pray for the people attending the Coman church and especially for Vali, the woman whose husband was in jail. God help her not to make hasty decisions about her marriage, a marriage that doesn’t seem to work well at that moment. Pray for her husband, Bebe, to be saved by God. We are convinced that things will change altogether if he comes to knows the Lord. Pray for us as a family that the Lord help us live our life depending on Him every day. We would like to be a light among the people in Comani and have wisdom in relationships with people. Also may God protect our family.

We thank those of you who are involved in the work in Comani and those who carry us in your

daily prayers.   

Be blessed by the Lord!


July 2017

Blessed be the Lord!

Our greatest desire is to see people committing to God. This month we proclaimed Christ's love in different ways among the people in Comani.

At the beginning I had the grace to work with a team from Texas lead by brother Keith Wiliamson and brother Tim Owens and over a period of 9 days we had different activities. We made home visits trying to encourage through the word of God those who are on God’s way, but also shared the Gospel to the people who didn’t know God. We had a special evening for women in which we shared our experiences with God in our personal life and preached from His word.


For five days we had a vacation Bible school with the children from the village and once again we had the opportunity to learn wonderful things about The One who created the whole universe. They were fascinated by the way lessons were presented but also by the other activities they had during the program. We shared the Gospel with people on the street and among young people by meeting them on the football field in our village. We played soccer together, but we also had the opportunity to tell them about our Savior, Jesus Christ. At the end, everyone received a soccer ball with the Gospel written on it.

It was a blessed time in which the people from Comani could hear again about the forgiveness they can receive through Christ. We thank God for brother Vlad and sister Alexandra and for their help. They served the Lord by helping with the translation.

We also made home visits with the help of a group of Swiss brothers who confessed to the glory of God how He changed their lives.

There was a team from Netherlands we enjoyed working with. They worshiped the Lord with us at the church service, and one day some of them visited people at their homes.

We glorify our Lord for the children camp in which my wife also served for 5 days. It was a tent camp involving about 45 children.

Thank you for all your support! May God bless you, and don’t forget that you are part of all that the Lord is working here in the Comani.

Please continue to pray for us that the Lord give us wisdom in working with people, for the physical and spiritual protection of our family, for the believers to live in holiness, completion of the church construction and people who commit to joining the team here.


June 2017

In Draganesti City Central Park took place an event dedicated to children. We also attended this event with some children from Comani. Around 30 children from Comani enjoyed this event together with around 100 children from other missionary points. The event was organized in collaboration with PVT (Parents Vision Trip). We were glad to host some people from this organization for 3 days. Together with people from PVT, we served God in Craiova for one day. We walked on city’s streets, telling people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the afternoon, we split into teams that spread on multiple streets to put the New Testament into people’s mailboxes.

May 2017

Blessed be the Lord!It is only by His grace that we were found worthy to be His fellows in the mission field inComani. We all share God’s will, that none shall perish but have eternal life, through the salvation in Jesus Christ. We are grateful to God for sending us help in preaching the gospel. This month a team that works in partnership with Hard Cry came to help.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
I’ve stared the month of December by
going to a youth conference in Alba Iulia.
I took with me three young people from
Comani. The theme of the conference was
Anchored in Jesus Christ. It was a blessed
time and one girl decided that she wants
to start a life after His will.
In partnership with our brother Lanny we
organized an evangelistic event. where
around 145 people came.