October 2017

“A Christian is a free man, bound to no one.

A Christian is a servant, indebted to all.”

                                                                                                                 Martin Luther


October was a different kind of month for the ministry. I interacted with people that I never thought I will interact, and especially in such a natural and cordial manner.

It s interesting to note that not all the time our plans and desires fullfil. And that is not a bad thing, if there are other plans in sight that will accomplish for Gods glory.

We did not went to Cluj with the boys, as I planned, but I understod that it was the best choise in the end.

I continue to met Marius Militaru every week to pour in his life what God gave me and to be witness to what God is working in his life to become more and more like Christ. We had personal and group meetings together for fellowship, games and spiritual conversations.

I continued to meet at the Countys Library with different young adults where I had the privilege to know and relate to three persons.


One of the is Simona, a college student an a former Jehova Witness, the second is Alexandru a PhD student very pessimistic about life, and Alex an MA student that had some spiritul experiences with demons.

I met with every one of them individually. With Simona at our place where Dana, my wife, met her and she is a seeker for the Truth.

I plan to start from 11 November two meetings per month with there persons that I met in these places and with others, where we will have fellowship and discuss a video course called The Truth Project, which is a sistematic and comprehensive biblical world view guide through all the fundamental questions of  life.

The last thing I want to share with you is about the collaboration that I want to have with an orthodox Church in Craiova. I meet a priest that was very open to dialogue and to work together in different projects where we simply want the people in Craiova to see and feel Gods love for them and the goodness of Christ.