With Gods grace the project that I worked for started in full force. I was called by a lady from an afterschool to paint for them their logo. It was a great opportunity to know them and share my vision. They allready called me again  to share some painting skills before their childrens during their art week. Also I was so blessed to have a group of World Racers that joined my ministry among university students. They are with me for a month and we are doing art ministry, building relationship and having spiritual conversations with students. One time we went to the medical dorm to talk with medical students and we meet a girl that was thrilled to meet us and talk with us. 

We asked God in prayer to give us an open door to share  and proclame the mistery of Jesus to the medical students (Col 4:3-4). And HE did!! The second day we bought pepsi bootles to give to the medical students who were during exams. We meet again with the girl and she brought a friend with her. She opened her heart to us so much that we learned she was just coming out of a dark depression caused by people around her and the twisted image she had about herself. She told us that she doesn’t believe in God, but that she saw that God is real for us and that we are full of joy because of that.

She said that she cannot believe in God yet, but she wants that. We pray to meet with her again after her final exam and maybe to even pray with her. Keep us in your prayer as we seek opportunities from God to procmane the mistery of God, Isus coming for us!

With the help of two volunters from USA I decorated the room with a world map where I do intercultural events and where we meet as a team of missionaries. They will come to join and help in my ministry with young adults, so please have them in your prayer as they move to Craiova next year.

Adrian Jurge - PIEI Missionary