What needs to characterize a believer in Jesus is a willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of others, for their good, with the hope that they will know the Lord. Therefore, the effort made for all the events of this month, the house visits, student meetings, was worth it! The effort seeks to reflect our Creators love and a saved life from this present evil age, into the new life that Jesus gives, and a new family of God, to which all men are called. My dear wife had her second workshop of handmade creations, where we had the joy of having with us four of a big group of University students from Waco, Texas. They also were a choir and they lifterd us up to heavens with their celestial singing.  I rejoiced to be able to translate my wife at the workshop, given the fact that we had some international students as well.

Continue to pray for these workshops where people are treasured, they go home with something they had made and know us more and more, to trust us.

 Thank you all for your support in prayers and financially and that you dearfully remember us!


Dana, Adrian, Haily and Klaus Jurge